Sometimes the world gives you a gift you never even expected to receive. That’s basically how I feel right now with the news that Symphogear isn’t just getting a fourth season, but also a fifth season. The news dropping at the Symphogear 2016 Live event that happened this weekend. Day 1 just being the big news about Season 4 and then they saved the shocking Season 5 news for Day 2.

A fourth season seemed rather likely with comments made by staff and with the third season being one of the highest sellers of Summer 2015. But, that a fifth season is also in the works is something I never even contemplated. Throw in on top of that news, which is that a game is also in the works. I don’t expect that game would ever come out to the West, but it’s something to make note of in the news.


The reality is that this likely means that the next season is a split cour situation. Symphogear has only ever given 13 episodes to any given season and so even in this scenario you would still call the second part, season 5. This is still great news though since 26 episodes (or so) would give them a lot more to work with in terms of telling a story. With a larger cast it does get more difficult to spread around the focus, especially in 13 episodes. This can allow for a major incident to end season 4 and then pick it up for a major conclusion in season 5. Whether this is a sign of the end of Symphogear I don’t know, but either way it’s a pretty huge move for the show to make.

There isn’t much else to say about it right now though. We can only guess when season 4 will come out, though it could be a wait. Possibly in 2017 if they do want to go back to summer like they did with season 3. For the time being, I’m just glad that we have this coming down the road. I enjoyed blogging about Season 3 and hope that the fourth season will be better. Season 3 was really enjoyable overall, though it definitely had some weak points in the middle of the show. If doing this in a season 4 and 5 situation will take care of that kind of problem, I’m all for it. Can’t wait for more news.

Source: Anime News Network

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