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Current Series

Children of the Whales – 07

And so the battle begins. No doubt there is going to be a pretty substantial body count by the end of this fight. The amount of grieving required for the inhabitants of the Mud Whale will be substantial.... Continue Reading

Fate/Apocrypha – 19

While this was a breather episode, I did actually enjoy it. There are characters that I haven’t been able to get that invested in, but the ones I have did get some time to stand out this week. This wee... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 06

I do kind of wish these Elders would sit down and be quiet if they don’t have anything constructive to offer. Frankly trying to kill everyone on the Mud Whale should have been enough to warrant them be... Continue Reading

Fate/Apocrypha – 18

Well that takes care of one issue. I’m actually somewhat surprised at the body count for this episode considering how bad things could have gotten. In the end Jack wasn’t that much of a direct threat... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 05

So they managed to avoid one massacre so they can prepare to try to avoid another one. I love how even the seemingly more rational members of that group of elders were still considering their actions to ... Continue Reading

Fate/Apocrypha – 17

Well that date certainly didn’t quite end on a cheerful note. And really this was mostly a date episode for Jeanne and Sieg. Sure, there was the main focus on luring out Jack in order to bring her down... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 04

Wow, just when I thought those old people couldn’t frustrate me any further…they find a way. They better just throw these people into the freaking sand ocean! Their brilliant plan to deal with an arm... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 03

Well that was a pretty busy episode. With how the last episode ended of course it was a given that this episode would be intense. If this episode did anything, it made sure to send a heavy message to the... Continue Reading

Fate/Apocrypha – 16

Well I’ll give Jack some credit there. She did manage to play everyone and nearly killed Fiore in the process. I didn’t quite expect that kind of cleverness honestly from someone like that. It does m... Continue Reading

Fate/Apocrypha – 15

It does seem to be a given that this show would need a breather episode after all the fighting going on. The characters themselves certainly needed time to assess the new status quo and assemble necessar... Continue Reading