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Current Series

Boku no Hero Academia S3 – 23

This really is the kind of episode that makes Boku no Hero such a great show. Of course the action is fantastic, but they have layers and story purpose along with that. This is how you start to mature yo... Continue Reading

Harukana Receive – 11

This was an episode that managed to keep the tension going and end on a surprising note. The show did what it could to keep the intensity up throughout the match and get into the head of the competitors.... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S3 – 22

The results and aftermath of this test was interesting. But perhaps nothing could compete with what was set up for the next episode. It was a good reminder that we hadn’t seen these two clash since the... Continue Reading

Harukana Receive – 10

And here we are with this showdown between these two key teams. It was a given they were going to clash here and no doubt both sides are going to make it tough for the other to advance. There’s just no... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S3 – 21

This episode just shows how easily anger and negative emotions can spread. Neither Inasa nor Todoroki are bad guys at their core, but ended up in such a bad situation in this episode because of their neg... Continue Reading

Harukana Receive – 09

Time is just racing by at this point in the story. No surprise of course that they are moving time along so they can get to that match revealed in the first episode. At this point the race is on and we k... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S3 – 20

If nothing else this episode wasn’t a bad break from the main story. They did try to do something interesting and focus on some challenges that these characters will face going forward. No doubt some o... Continue Reading

Harukana Receive – 08

It did feel as if this episode was trying to push things forward in terms of the passage of time. If they are going to end the show on that tournament scene we saw at the start of the first episode then ... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S3 – 19

So the second and final part of the test gets going in this episode. This is going to be a solid test for Class A. Their inexperience could cost them a bit more when it comes to rescue. They are good and... Continue Reading

Harukana Receive – 07

Well this episode caught me off-guard a little. Mostly because the first two minutes were so strange that I wasn’t sure what the heck was going on. Once it actually got going it was a solid enough epis... Continue Reading