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Anime Evo was concieved by site creator Setsuken as the website that is his open love letter to the Anime Industry! Joined by friends who share the same deep love for Anime, Anime Evo is a site that serves as a forum for these anime fans to show their love and their true feelings about the Anime they watch.

AE aims to be the place where anime fans can look to for news, reviews, episode blogs and any other information that is related to anime. We hope to provide anime fans with a place where they can look up and anime and find out if it’s worth watching/purchasing. Its about fans writing and providing opinions for other fans!

We hope you will help us achieve this Anime fan’s heaven on the internet. Don’t be just an observer, join in the fun and start commenting on any of our  articles or posts!!

~Anime Evo Staff


Anime Evo is actually the spiritual successor to a site called Anime Hallow and is the third incarnation of a site started by Setsuken about anime. Back in the day, Setsuken was actually known as Hyperblade, and had just broken away from a long tradition of working on Final Fantasy websites (Namely, FantasySquare and the subsidory he ran for them, FF Eternity).

As the FF series progressed, Setsuken and the comrades he worked with began to lose interest in the series. In general, the drama and annoyances with FF sites had really tired them out, and with a few friends, namely Kathryn/Lunaki, he formed his first incarnation of a General Gaming and Anime coverage site, Defied Dreams.Net

At the time, Setsuken was still just a casual anime watcher, so he left the Anime part of Defied Dreams.Net (Anime Hallow) to Lunaki, while he focused on game coverage. Things went smoothly for a year or so, after which, Lunaki began to loose free time as she entered college. Eventually, Lunaki left and Setsuken was left with balancing both the Anime and Gaming parts.

At the time, Setsuken’s interest in writing for games was steadily declining, but with the support of a great  deal of friends and staff, he was able to keep DD.Net operational for another year and half, going through about 2 more versions.  Along with the website, was a number of forums done with a number of people. One with Lunaki called simply Condemned Vision Forums. After Lunaki left, Kendra/Contra Fates (who now runs Rising Star Forums) joined in and the forums ran for a while. The  thing soon fell apart, and Setsuken moved to working on a combined forum with a bunch of friends, which they decided to call “I love”.

With ILM Forums, Setsuken also abandoned DD.Net once and for all, and began to focus on just the anime site, as his interest in anime became very extreme. Anime Evo saw its first version release at this time. ILM and Anime Evo ran for another 6 months

There was lost of drama plaguing ILM, and soon after Setsuken broke apart to create a forum with his friend Fifi, who ran the site Oritsuru and later Shatterheart.Net, It was around this time that Anime Evo’s second version came into being. A year had gone by, and Anime Evo version 2 was a decent success, as it gained around 300 unique visitors per day and was steadily rising.

It was around this time that Anime Evo also began using Word press, which it still uses today. Setsuken saw that version 2 just wasn’t suited to handle wordpress. Thus began a lengthy revamp and redesign for Anime Evo’s third version. Between the final year of high school and moving countries, the third version took almost 6 months to make itself.

After Anime Evo version 3 launched, AE went off to a slow start. Most of the viewers it had gained in its version 2 had been lost. Setsuken also began to focus on a joint forum on video game developer Square-Enix, called simply Square-Enix Forums. Setsuken ran both Anime Evo and worked on SEF with Kendra/Contra Fates and Fillip/Belazor (who now runs vBulletin Mod Company, Dragon Bye Tech), until Contra Fates decided to split off and do her own thing with Rising Star Forums.

Setsuken and Belazor attempted to keep SEF going, changing it to Project Evo Forums, and having it as a general Anime and gaming community, with it serving as Anime Evo’s Forum. Belazor and Setsuken kept the forum going for about half a year, before they had to give up on it. Drama, as well as losing interest tore the community apart.

It was there, at Project Evo Forums that Setsuken met Keturah/Dee and Jason/Peaches. Together, the three of them decided to revive Anime Evo properly, and focused on getting the site back on track with its own forum. Anime Evo forums faired decently for a while, but then Setsuken entered college himself (after a gap year between High school graduation and college). Setsuken was unable to pay proper attention to the forum, and it slowly deteriorated.

Eventually, the forums were closed down, and Setsuken, along with comrades Dee, Sumayyah/Sweety8567 and Nosher/Nero  began to focus on making Anime Evo into a full fledged reviews, News, and Episode Blogging website, and that is how it is, what it is today!

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The Owner, webmaster, designer, coder and writer for the site. Anime Evo is Setsuken’s (Hassan's) proclamation of love for Anime, which he can’t seem to get enough of. He’s a 26 year old male, and current resides in the USA . A writer for a number of years Hassan is also a 3D Artist, a Game Designer, a Web Designer and a Huge Anime Obsessed Enthusiast.

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