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Tamayura Movies

Tamayura ~Sotsugyou Shashin~ (Graduation Photo) Movies

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For every viewer and follower of any art form there are pieces or works that have spoken to them strongly and helped to solidify their interest in the medium, and anime is no exception. For me one of the... Continue Reading

Winter 2015

Out with the Old and In with the New … Welcome to 2015!

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Another new year, another winter season of anime! The past year has certainly been an interesting one to keep track of ... for myself it has been filled with unexpected surprises. Continue Reading


Working!! getting a third season!

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This weekend’s Working!! x Servant x Service Summer Festa has led to an interesting bit of news. Fans who went to the event are reporting that a third season of the popular family restraunt comedy ... Continue Reading


Free Gargantia Web Game from Production I.G & IE

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Beyond just getting a second season, Gargantia is actually getting a free to play web game for both English speaking and Japanese speaking fans today. The game features a visual novel style adventure gam... Continue Reading


Durarara!!! Second Series Confirmed!

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At the Dengeki Game Festival this year, It was announced that a new TV anime for the Durarara!! franchise is in the works, along with details of the production staff. A good chunk of the staff from the o... Continue Reading


Sword Art Online II Coming in 2014

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Sword Art Online II has been confirmed for this very year, by way of the Official Website. A Promotional Video (PV) and a key visual of sorts has also been released into the wild. Sword Art Online II wil... Continue Reading


Fairy Tail Anime Returning Spring 2014!!

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Fairy Tail creator and magaka Hiro Mashima has finally made good on his promise for news regarding the return of the Fairy Tail anime. Issue Six of Weekly Shounen Magazine has revealed that Fairy Tail w... Continue Reading


Suisei no Gargantia Season 2 coming!

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In a welcome surprise, the reairing of anime series Suisei no Gargantia on Tokyo MX led to a confirmation for a second season for the series! This was confirmed in the form of a commercial that played du... Continue Reading


Seitokai Yakuindomo Season 2 confirmed!

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The high school, slice of life, 4-Koma based comedy anime Seitokai Yakuindomo has been confirmed to have a season 2 coming! The 46th Issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine announced on Wednesday tha... Continue Reading


Fall 2013 Anime Season

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After a pretty quiet summer from us in terms of anime coverage (about 3 series in total being blogged regularly.) We hope to get back into providing some regular coverage of as much as possible. Continue Reading

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