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FlareKnight’s Fall 2016 Preview

Another season is just about over and it is time yet again to look ahead to what is coming. It always amazes me how quickly time flies. Really doesn’t feel that long ago that the Summer Season got star... Continue Reading

Flower’s Fall 2016 Preview

The Summer 2016 season for me was definitely a surprise in many ways. And by this I mean there were quite a few series not really on my radar that turned out to be quite good! Some of the biggest surpris... Continue Reading

Interview – Digimon Adventure Tri Voice Actor Joshua Seth

I had an exciting opportunity on August 24th to take part in a teleconference with voice actor and live performer Joshua Seth. Joshua is the English voice actor for Tai Kamiya from the original Digimon A... Continue Reading

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Notaku Anime Chat – 03 – Sports Anime and Manga

This week’s Notaku Anime Chat is all about Sports Anime and Manga. Guardian Enzo is a sports fan, Setsuken is not. They both love Sports Anime and Manga. So… The duo talks about the really notabl... Continue Reading

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Notaku – Ask Enzo – What is Doujin Manga?

This week’s Ask Enzo episode focuses on Doujin Manga. Guardian Enzo from LostinAmerica talks about what Doujin exactly is, its significance and its impact on the Anime Industry and fandom. Also ple... Continue Reading

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Notaku Anime Chat – 02 – Anime Expo, Comiket and Cons

This week’s Notaku Anime Chat has Guardian Enzo talking about his experiences at Anime Expo 2016, with Setsuken chiming in with his own convention experiences. Opinions are shared on everything tha... Continue Reading

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Notaku – Ask Enzo – How is Anime Made?

This week's Notaku Video is the first episode of a show called Ask Enzo. The idea for this show is to basically cover a topic related to the Anime Industry or Japanese culture, and have Guardian Enzo fro... Continue Reading

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Notaku Anime Chat – 01 [Summer 2016 Anime Preview]

Greetings and warmest of wishes everyone. If you recall, back when we launched Anime Evo V5, we said that we would look into other forms of content like video, alongside our bred and butter Episode Blogs... Continue Reading

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Checking in with Macross Δ

While I didn’t have enough time to actually cover Macross Δ this season, it has had such a strong showing that I’d feel bad for not giving it any attention. Therefore this will be my mid-series upda... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Summer 2016 Preview

It amazes me that we are actually near the start of another season. But here we are. While the previous Winter Season wasn’t overly strong for me, the Spring season has turned out pretty well. More tha... Continue Reading