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Current Series

The State of Anime at The Movies – Notaku AC V2 11

Anime on TV may be in a rough patch creatively, but what about in the cinema?  The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the theatrical film industry, but anime movies are thriving artistically in a way their T... Continue Reading

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The Most Important Anime – Notaku Anime Chat V2 10

Notaku 2.0 reaches double-digits this week, as Guardian Enzo hosts a wide-ranging episode with a deep dive on anime’s most influential series. It’s a new season, so Setsuken and Guardian Enzo also ex... Continue Reading

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The Question of Ownership – Notaku Anime Chat V2 09

Setsuken and Guardian Enzo go on an adventure this week, slaying Goblin Lords, visiting Citadels and answering deep questions around the ideas of story and ownership. Stop by and join the duo on their jo... Continue Reading

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Rent a Girlfriend: Controversial Final Impressions

Rent a Girlfriend finished airing Saturday, and may become controversial among fans. Why? Disagreement over whether the show appeals to the male fantasy. It does. Continue Reading

To our Dearest Listeners – Notaku Anime Chat V2 08

Another week, another episode of Notaku Anime Chat, the podcast all about Anime! This week, Guardian Enzo and Setsuken (that’s me!) dedicate an entire episode’s Topic of the Week to the very ... Continue Reading

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FlareKnight’s Fall 2020 Preview

Even though Summer wasn’t heavily packed with favorites for me, it did turn out pretty well all things considered. That being said, Fall looks to be an absolutely packed season in terms of quantity and... Continue Reading

Notaku is Back! Episodes 1-7 Released

Hey everyone! If you remember Notaku, it was a little project myself and Guardian Enzo over at Lost in Anime did a couple of years ago. Notaku was intended to be a YouTube Channel about Anime & Manga, an... Continue Reading

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Rent A Girlfriend: The Story So Far

Rent a girlfriend follows the college love life of a 20-year-old man named Kazuya who in lonely desperation, rents a dating service after his first-ever girlfriend breaks up with him. Although this servi... Continue Reading

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Rewatching Yahari’s First Two Seasons in Preparation for Season 3

Its been a while since I’ve written anything for this site, about Anime (heh). There’s probably a multitude of valid excuses for this, whether its the fact that COVID effectively killed the S... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Summer 2020 Preview

This is a season harder than any other to talk about since I’ve been writing about anime. The state of the world isn’t news to anyone reading this. It does make it tricky though to know what to expec... Continue Reading