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Current Series

Check Out – Sengoku Youko

There are just some episodes where I will feel wrong if I don’t say something about it. Episode 7 for Sengoku Youko ended up being one of those episodes. It took the show to the level of needing to mak... Continue Reading

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FlareKnight’s Top Ten Anime Series of 2023

Well, another year has just about arrived. It always surprises me when I’m suddenly looking back at what my favourite shows were from a given year. I will say that this year more than most really had m... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Winter 2024 Preview

Winter is here and of course the holidays have also arrived. A busy time for many and that absolutely goes for me too. Will also have a top 10 list for the year that should come out at around the same ti... Continue Reading

Check Out – Sousou no Frieren

There’s always going to be a few shows that I wish that I had the time to cover in a season. Absolutely no regrets on what I did pick up for Fall 2023. But this seems like a great time to give a shouto... Continue Reading

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FlareKnight’s Fall 2023 Preview

It doesn’t feel as if Summer is over at the time of writing this, but the Fall season is just around the corner! It’s always fun looking ahead since one constant of anime is that new shows are always... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Summer 2023 Preview

The year continues to fly by as Summer is just around the corner! Of course, I've been looking forward to this season because of a few shows in particular. But it’s been easier than I expected to wait ... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Spring 2023 Preview

It has felt like a long winter and I’m excited to note that the Spring Anime Season is almost upon us. Most know that Spring and Fall are usually the most hyped seasons of the year. This one is looking... Continue Reading

Check Out – Boku no Hero Academia 6

I’ve honestly been a bit worried about the Boku no Hero Academia series for the past few seasons. The show has been juggling a lot with movies appearing to take some focus away from the show, reshuffli... Continue Reading

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Check Out – Mononogatari

It’s getting to the time of year that I’m really feeling an urge to praise shows that I just haven’t had time to talk about this season. Mononogatari did have my attention going into the season, bu... Continue Reading

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FlareKnight’s Top Ten Anime Series of 2022

I’m kind of surprised that the end of 2022 has already arrived. The end of this year kind of crept up on me to the point where suddenly it was time to write about my top 10 shows of the year. But it is... Continue Reading