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Sousei no Onmyouji – 35

This episode did a good job starting up the fight against Chijiwa and also showing how this fight is likely going to play out. It is going to be a combination of the Twin Stars, Mayura, and Shimon that w... Continue Reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Go – 09

This is an episode that certainly taps into some of the themes of the season. Of course the issue of people from different worlds not being able to be together isn’t something unique to this season. It... Continue Reading

ViVid Strike! – 10

At least I’m starting to understand why they didn’t show many of Fuka’s fights to this point. They wanted to save the surprise of her being ungodly hax for as long as they could XD. Not often that ... Continue Reading

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Brave Witches – 08

After several weeks of the Neuroi steadily pressing in on our young witches, it’s good to see them turning things around and reclaiming territory. Reopening their supply lines is critical, so it... Continue Reading

Flip Flappers – 9

Cocona’s come a long way since we first met her. From a directionless girl looking to fill any role, even that of a villain (an amorphous child herself, in a sense), Cocona has slowly developed goa... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! 2 – 08 and 09

Another post with a double episode review here, and curiously once again it seems very fitting considering the essential common content of them both. Not that it in any way “excuses” my laxne... Continue Reading

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Sousei no Onmyouji – 34

So this episode mostly focused on the fight set up last week. I was actually enjoying the focus on Miku and Sakura as they took on Moro. It was an interesting one since honestly it felt more like Sakura ... Continue Reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Go – 08

I have to say it was a nice and surprising chance this week to look at Natori’s past. In part it was also focusing on Matoba Seiji and the connection between them. Unlike the Nyanko-Sensei episode, thi... Continue Reading

ViVid Strike! – 09

Well I’m not sure what to say after this one. It did remarkably set up the fight between Fuka and Rinne in record time. In some ways it is nice that we can jump right into it and they can spend as much... Continue Reading

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Flip Flappers – 8

Keeping with its fondness for classic coming-of-age genres (fairy tales, magical girls, yuri school stories, etc.), Flip Flappers goes all-in with giant robots this week. It’s something of a brid... Continue Reading