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No Game No Life – 02

by | in No Game No Life | With Comments (0)

While only 2 episodes in I have to say that Sora and Shiro are two of the more interesting anime siblings I’ve seen in a while. In a time where we’re pretty much getting overwhelmed with a lo... Continue Reading


Baby Steps – 02

by | in Baby Steps | With Comments (2)

Honestly I’m impressed the series is staying so steady so far. There could be serious temptation to step up the pacing with only so many episodes, but they seem to be taking their time which is com... Continue Reading

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii - 01 - f1

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 01-02 [First Look]

by | in Soreidemo Sekai wa Utsukushii | With Comments (2)

Few will disagree that the current Spring season is kicking the last season's proverbial rear end. In a flurry of amazing shows that feature interesting concepts, engaging characters and sweet sweet visu... Continue Reading


Captain Earth – 02

by | in Captain Earth | With Comments (0)

Let this episode be a lesson to everyone. Don’t mess with a kid who can summon a livlaster and just wants to play with a boomerang! Honestly, this episode was a lot of fun and a lot of the credit g... Continue Reading

Fairy Tail S2 - 02 - f1

Fairy Tail 2 – 02

by | in Fairy Tail | With Comments (10)

Fridays are definitely back to being memorable, as Fairy Tail continues to build on the momentum of not only the first episode, but the first series as well. I really have missed this, the story and buil... Continue Reading


Soul Eater Not! – 01 [First Look]

by | in Soul Eater Not! | With Comments (0)

It’s pretty obvious that I’m a fan of Soul Eater in general. I enjoyed the anime for most of the way through since it really was a fun action series. And I enjoyed the manga when I decided to... Continue Reading


Black Bullet – 01 [First Look]

by | in Black Bullet | With Comments (3)

I did come into this season looking forward to this series and it did leave a good first impression with me. It feels like the world here is one that it makes sense that younger characters are playing su... Continue Reading


No Game No Life – 01 [First Look]

by | in No Game No Life | With Comments (6)

There have just been some series coming out of the Spring Season that impressed me from the start and this is one of them. Certainly a kind of premise I’ve seen before and reminded me of Mondaijita... Continue Reading


Baby Steps – 01 [First Look]

by | in Baby Steps | With Comments (5)

This was certainly one the series I was most looking forward to just because of source material reasons. Usually I’m not really into sports anime or manga. Maybe since most of them don’t real... Continue Reading


Captain Earth – 01 [First Look]

by | in Captain Earth | With Comments (0)

Have to say this was definitely a good first episode in my view. Really does combine elements of seriousness and the unbelievable into something that on first impression seems to work. Of course it doesn... Continue Reading

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