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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – 08

Another strong episode. It wasn’t the same level of emotional punch as last week, but it was still really good. Getting into what is hopefully Subaru’s clearing attempt through this situation. It was... Continue Reading

Flying Witch – 07

And here we arrive at one of the points in the manga that I was most looking forward to seeing animated in the latter half of episode 7 – when Makoto, Kei and Chinatsu are directed by Akane to go a... Continue Reading

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Boku no Hero Academia – 08

I do wish Deku would take as much consideration about his secret as All Might has. Telling your secrets to your childhood bully is just a dumb move. You are using the same moves and quirk as All Might, t... Continue Reading

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri – 06

This week features yet another action packed episode from Kotetsujo no Kabaneri, one that goes about how you'd expect on all its other fronts. There have been a lot of descriptions thrown around about th... Continue Reading

Sousei no Onmyouji – 07

We did get a nice episode that this time focused more on the two leads and pushing them together a bit. And the little action we saw in the episode wasn’t stock footage which I’ll always appreciate. ... Continue Reading

Ace Attorney – 07 [DROPPED]

It really is a strange feeling, seeing something you love be broken down, trampled on and completely insulted. I've appreciated the anime series wherever possible, I've even given it the benefit of the d... Continue Reading

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Tamayura ~Graduation Photo~ Movie: Part 3 of 4 – “Longing”

With the second movie we found the narrative focusing during the first half on Norie’s path after high school and during the second half we saw the focus swing to Kaoru. Following in that pattern i... Continue Reading

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Flying Witch – 06

As expected, episode six did indeed have one of the most looked forward to events in the manga, and that was the agreement by Makoto’s older sister Akane to temporarily take Chinatsu under her wing... Continue Reading

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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – 07

Subaru deserves one hell of a standing ovation with the gutsy call he decided to make here. The guy went through hell this episode in a lot of ways and by the end…he finally made his decision. Subaru i... Continue Reading

Kotetsujo no Kabaneri – 05

You can definitely say this about Kotetsujo no Kabaneri, while it may rely on the tried and true, it isn't afraid to break convention in order to keep things interesting. After the first month of airtime... Continue Reading