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Current Series

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory – 02

Well things are looking pretty bad for the main cast at the moment. If the first episode was the tip of the iceberg I think we’re seeing a lot more of it in this episode. Everything is coming down upon... Continue Reading

Lupin III – Part 5 – 03

There's no two ways about it, this latest incarnation of Lupin III is good, darn good. If 2015's Lupin III series was both the revival and arrival of the franchise in the modern era, then 2018's series i... Continue Reading

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Nanatsu no Taizai: Revival of the Commandments – 13

This episode was all about Ban and his confrontation with the Commandments. Ban and Jericho have basically been cut off from this whole conflict, but they sure got dropped into it in a hurry. The resurre... Continue Reading

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma – San no Sara – 14

Its episodes like this, that are so totally my jam. Its episodes like this that... Make Shokugeki no Soma one of my personal favorite series and stories. There's quite a few elements that make Shokugeki ... Continue Reading

Persona 5 – The Animation – 02

Look, its not like I don't sympathize with the people behind Persona 5 The animation. I do, I really do. The task that they've chosen to undertake is... Certainly difficult if not impossible. Despite wha... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S3 – 02

And with that this season of Boku no Hero really gets started. Right out of the gate we’re getting to see what the main cast will be doing in the short term and the larger threat hanging overhead. The ... Continue Reading

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory – 01 [First Look]

Honestly that was about as good a first episode as I could have asked for with this show. It has been a very long time coming in getting Full Metal Panic to return in anime form. The Second Raid came out... Continue Reading

Megalo Box – 02

Well it seems like I spoke too soon. Megalo Box, despite having one of the best premiere and setup episodes in recent memory, was kind of a let down in it's second episode. Sometimes, what's even more tr... Continue Reading

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Steins;Gate 0 – 01 [First Look]

Well that was a fairly somber first episode for Steins;Gate. I suppose though there is no other tone you could really aim for here. We are seeing a possible path that events could have gone down and it i... Continue Reading

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Lupin III – Part 5 – 02

You've got to hand it to Lupin III part 5, two episodes in and things are only ramping up in excitement. After a strong first episode, the show has more or less followed up with something that's only mak... Continue Reading

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