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Sousei no Onmyouji – 29

And so everything starts coming together with this episode. They finally reveal exactly who and what Sae is and set things up for an emotional farewell. Of course maybe there is a bit more to Sae than ev... Continue Reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Go – 04

This was a good episode for Natsume. There wasn’t a lot of surprises, but it did let him go through a bit of an adventure. As usual for this show, humans are the biggest problem for Natsume to deal wit... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! 2 – 04

Well! Once again the Show by Rock franchise packs a huge amount of information (of varying sorts) into a single episode. I totally did not expect the infodump in the first few minutes of the series nor t... Continue Reading

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Flip Flappers – 2-3

The Fall anime season is off to a strong start and I had my pick of great (or just plain fun) series to tackle weekly. After much geeky deliberation, I’ve opted to skip the safe bet (Yuri on Ice)... Continue Reading

ViVid Strike! – 04

I think the only proper reaction to the end of this episode is shock. This episode certainly ended on a pretty incredible moment. I didn’t go into this episode expecting a “holy crap” kind of scen... Continue Reading

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Brave Witches – 03

Brave Witches continues to impress me, both in the ways it does what I expect, and in the ways that it doesn’t. In some ways this episode fits in well within the formula already established by Stri... Continue Reading

Sousei no Onmyouji – 28

This was a solid episode that gets back to Rokuro and Benio. It does give the feeling that this original arc is moving closer to the conclusion. They’ve run into an untold number of Basara, they’ve c... Continue Reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Go – 03

It seems only natural that the third episode would focus on the complicated relationships Natsume has with other people who can see youkai. The first episode focused on Reiko, the second on his relations... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! 2 – 03

This definitely felt like a breather episode of sorts, although I could not shake the feeling that the various story tangents were being developed, or even lined up in rows already dug for them to procee... Continue Reading

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ViVid Strike! – 03

This was definitely another interesting episode for ViVid Strike. We got a lot more insight as to Rinne’s mindset and background than I expected. This episode also did a good job of setting up the futu... Continue Reading

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