Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen – 01 [First Look]

I’d say this was a pretty good start for this new Utawarerumono. It did a nice job of introducing and focusing on the main pair and just taking its time in moving things along. I enjoyed the nice pace ... Continue Reading

Durarara!!x2 – 23-24

Well that certainly didn't go anywhere really monumental. The big question on my mind, was where Durarara!!x2 planned to go as it headed toward its second and final break. I remember being really excited... Continue Reading

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Noragami Aragoto (First Look)

The Noragang is back after nearly two years away, but it’s like they never left. The first season was one of those that snuck up on, sucking me into the world and characters a little more each... Continue Reading

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Fairy Tail 2 – 78

Fairy Tail has been excelling at dishing out the pain and tragic moments lately. Its been upping the stakes, and with this episode, its revving up the feel good moments too. There's a real build up of an... Continue Reading

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Heavy Object – 01 [First Look]

And so the fall season really gets underway. This was a pretty good first episode for Heavy Object. It did a nice job in getting into the setting which does require a fair amount of exposition and histor... Continue Reading

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Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma – 24 [Final]

True to itself till the end, Shokugeki no Soma ended up finishing off its animated run with another solid episode, one that stands to exemplify everything that makes the series such a unique and special ... Continue Reading

Gakkou Gurashi – 12

Now that ... that was an unexpected ending to the series for me. But not so much unexpected in the sense of the overall content, but rather in the manner of delivery. Hmm. Continue Reading

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Fairy Tail 2 – 77

Its a great time to be a fan of Fairy Tail, but if you're both that and a fan of Gray Fullbuster, then its pretty much an early Christmas this week. Its been both satisfying and fascinating to see Gray r... Continue Reading

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Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX – 13 [Final]

Another finale arrives. I certainly expected an over the top action finale and we certainly got that this week. It was different from the last ep from the previous season in that the action was put more ... Continue Reading

Working!!! – 13 [Final?]

So we reach the last episode of the Working franchise's anime run.... Except not really. It seems that the worries for the resolution of Souta and Inami's storyline were a bit unfounded, if only because ... Continue Reading

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