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Current Series

Banished from the Hero’s Party S2 – 09

I’m going to admit that this one caught me by surprise. They obviously needed to come up with a plan and that’s fine. But it just felt a weird episode to me. Van attacked the whole town a few episode... Continue Reading

Sousou no Frieren – 25

So, we did get the big showdown against the Frieren duplicate. It wasn’t a long fight, but it did look good. This was a big moment for both Frieren and Fern. I’d say this is especially big for Fern, ... Continue Reading

Banished from the Hero’s Party S2 – 08

The meeting between Van and Ruti was brief, but memorable! Even if Ruti was really hoping that it would be forgotten. This has been building for a while so I’m glad that we finally reached this point. ... Continue Reading

Sousou no Frieren – 24

This test has stayed engaging and I’m looking forward to the showdown against the Frieren copy. And I presume this time they will have a fight. Since they did end the previous episode with the potentia... Continue Reading

Banished from the Hero’s Party S2 – 07

Well, this episode sets up the drama for the remainder of the season. It’s clear that Van is going to become a threat that will force Ruti to come back to confront him. The strategy to avoid trouble wa... Continue Reading

Sousou no Frieren – 23

This was a good episode that dove right into this test. And no question it’s going to prove a challenge worthy of the title these characters are going after. The replicas may not even be the last threa... Continue Reading

Banished from the Hero’s Party S2 – 06

Not often do you see the main characters simply leave a risky situation and let a storm pass them by. I didn’t think that Red, Ruti, and Rit would simply leave town for a few days to avoid any chance o... Continue Reading

Sousou no Frieren – 22

It was important to have an episode where the cast can unwind. The first test was dangerous and there undoubtedly was a lot of stress on those that did end up clearing it. And the test did a good job del... Continue Reading

Wonderful Precure! – 01 [First Look]

Only fair to give Wonderful Precure an opportunity to show what it can do. If nothing else, I don’t think you can say this episode tried to copy what Hirogaru did. It’s a solid intro that stands on i... Continue Reading

Banished from the Hero’s Party S2 – 05

It’s nice that they are effectively fitting in some training with trouble coming for them on the horizon. They are only starting to become aware of this by the end of the episode of course. But it will... Continue Reading