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Dog Days S3 – 08

by | in Dog Days S3 | With Comments (2)

This was pretty well the kind of episode I was expecting and for that reason it was really enjoyable. This third season’s theme has basically been world building. The first season was about a serio... Continue Reading

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Koufuku Graffiti – 07

by | in Episode Blogs,Koufuku Graffiti | With Comments (2)

Have to admit I was not expecting the episode this week to touch on the subjects it did, but in retrospect it makes complete sense and also reflects a sort of natural progression of things. Continue Reading

Durarara!! X2 - 07 - f1

Durarara!!x2 – 07

by | in Durarara!! | With Comments (0)

And the story moves right on. Its hard to really say if Durarara!!x2 is slowing down again, or maintaing that momentum from the last few episodes yet. What I do know is that I got back into the state of ... Continue Reading

World Trigger - 18 - f1

World Trigger – 18

by | in World Trigger | With Comments (1)

World Trigger is a series that features all the good and bad qualities of what is a typical good shounen series these days. In some ways, your enjoyment of the series really will vary based on how tolera... Continue Reading


Dog Days S3 – 07

by | in Dog Days S3 | With Comments (6)

This wasn’t the most exciting of episodes, but it was another good case of world building and setting up a potentially interesting flashback episode. Really at the core of it you just had Leaf goin... Continue Reading

Fairy Tail S2 - 46 - 01

Fairy Tail 2 – 46

by | in Fairy Tail | With Comments (10)

You know... I said I'd be fine with anything simple and fun, but an episode where Natsu, Lucy and Happy just kind of mess around and do nothing? Uh... Yeah. The bar was never that high for these filler e... Continue Reading

Fairy Tail S2 - 45 - f1

Fairy Tail 2 – 45

by | in Fairy Tail | With Comments (1)

And... Its still better than the filler arc! This is the second week now that we've gotten a small self contained story, and I found myself still pretty engaged and generally having a good time. Leave it... Continue Reading

Durarara!!x2 Shou - 06 - f1

Durarara!!x2 01-06 [First Look]

by | in Durarara!! | With Comments (0)

Its taken about 6 weeks, but I'm finally on the Durarara!!x2 bandwagon, if you can call it that. Calling myself a fan of the franchise is a bit of an understatement, as the series is very near and dear t... Continue Reading

Koufuku Graffiti - 06 - 17

Koufuku Graffiti – 06

by | in Episode Blogs,Koufuku Graffiti | With Comments (0)

In some ways it is episodes like this one that are the most difficult to write about, but not for the reasons that might immediately jump to mind or might be expected. Continue Reading


Dog Days S3 – 06

by | in Dog Days S3 | With Comments (2)

Thank you Dog Days, this is exactly what I would expect from Leo’s marriage interviews! Just a lot of pure action and showing how darn hard it will be for Leo to get married XD. This was a nice opp... Continue Reading

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