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Current Series

The Royal Tutor – 4

Heine organizes a field trip into the city of Wiener (I know, I giggled too) so the princes can see how the common folk live firsthand. With their tutor as their guide, the boys follow their hearts and ... Continue Reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku – 03

I’ll admit that out of all the characters introduced so far I didn’t expect to see Shibata again. Just goes to show how things can change over time and with new experiences. Shibata was one of those ... Continue Reading

Little Witch Academia (TV) – 16

It is nice when a character takes a chance to grow a little and Akko did that this episode. They’ve made the point throughout the show how Akko’s weakness is her lack of patience. She is the type of ... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S2 – 04

The cavalry battle sure got off to a fun start with this episode. It was interesting enough seeing how Deku and the other characters assembled their teams. But things really took off once we got to see h... Continue Reading

Berserk – 16

This week takes us back to Gutts' story, and while its a slow episode, I'd venture to say that its still a better and more engaging story than what we got last week. This week is more or less an introduc... Continue Reading

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Boruto – 03

I've got to hand it to Boruto, while it may not have the most glamorous look, the show is certainly taking its time to flesh out its cast of characters with some silly little academy stories. It definite... Continue Reading

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Hinako Note – 02

Episode 2 definitely feels like it’s slowed way down compared to the rush of introductions and quirkiness in episode 1. Hinako’s flashback dream takes up the first third or so of the episode,... Continue Reading

The Royal Tutor – 1-3 (Early Impressions)

From a bouquet of impressive sequels and promising new series, I have plucked a silly, warmhearted comedy about teachers, students, and the gap between appearances and reality. With its deadpan protagon... Continue Reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku – 02

This was just another touching episode for Natsume. I liked the story of Nanamaki searching for his student Azuma and how Natsume could relate to Azuma’s situation. It really isn’t an exaggeration fo... Continue Reading

Alice to Zouroku – 03

Well, for those who did not like the content of the previous episode, mislabeling it as “more cute girls doing cute things” fluff, and fretted whether or no the series would “just becom... Continue Reading

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