Bleach continues to be bland and continuously boring in this last and final arc. I mean, I still can’t warm up to these new villains. They all seem so totally lifeless and boring to me. It’s like Kubo is trying to make them appealing, but his efforts are steadily going doing the drain. He’s trying to make this choo choo train go towards its destination in a glorious pace but man, he’s missing all the stop and all the passengers are just jumping out the windows.

Anyway, leaving bad metaphors behind, Bleach, I am disappoint. It’s like Bleach has just turned into this huge comedic piece of detergent that doesn’t make my manga sensors go beep beep beep anymore. :/ On another note, Soul Society continues to make me facepalm with all of their idioticy that just leaves me with this “lol wat r u on, Kubo?” as I keep reading.

And the whole “Quincy’s out for revenge” is so generic and not entertaining in the least. Kubo, please, can you pick up your slack in give us some of that quality that we saw back in the Soul Society Arc? I mean, this is the final arc fella. Give us something extraordinare that’ll make me swim around in my own anime tears.

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