Apparently, I was wrong about the previous chapter being the last one. Anyway, things have finally come and wrapped up in this chapter, managing to give us a bit more information about the end of this arc. By the looks of it, Ichigo has decided and stayed true to his word that he trusts all those in Soul Society and that he will continue to be a substitute Shinigami.

I was a bit taken aback that Ichigo had decided to go to Soul Society in order to retrieve Ginjou’s body in order to bury it. Seems like he forgave Ginjou for everything that he did, also stating that Ginjou was nothing more than a “Substitute Shinigami”. This leads me to believe that in the end, Ichigo was able to understand where Ginjou’s feelings came from. Also, I somewhat understood that Ichigo came to regard Ginjou as “equal” to him.

On another hand, we are also shown that Kensei and Hirako became Captains of the Gotei 13. Well, I can’t really say it’s much of a surprise, seeing as they were already Captains before the whole Hollowfication Fiasco with Aizen in the past. And to finish the chapter, Riruka said her good-bye’s (in memory only) and parted off to a new life, I guess?

To finish off this review,  Kubo Tite will be taking a three week hiatus and then Bleach will resume once again.  I can’t exactly say I’m pleased that there will be no Bleach for three weeks, specially considering that we just had the holiday break. But alas, mangakas also need breaks in order to relax and gather new materials in order to keep the story interesting.

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