Summary Key Points:


  • Touma, Tsukimiadono and Styl chase Orianan but she gives them the slip
  • When Styl tries to trace her, he gets hit with a counter spelll
  • Tsukimiadono uses another spell that puts Styl into direct collision with the counter spell, but manages to find the location of the spell
  • It turns out to be the Stadium where the middle school students are having their events
  • Touma ends up trying to save  Misaka Mikoto but ends up finding the wrong peice of paper, and Fukiyose ends up getting injured by the counter spell
  • Touma is extremely angry, ready to take down Oriana


Opinions: (A+)

Another solid episode, I really do enjoy what this arc is doing, bringing Season 2 back from what seemed like doomed mediocrity. The fanservice, and hilarity took somewhat of a side step, allowing the story and magic related stuff to play a major role in this week’s episode.

The chase scene was very intense, with Touma having to constantly use his Imagine Breaker to avoid the various traps that Oriana had in place. Of course, that was hardly all she had in store, going as far as to add a counter magic spell to directly go against Styl’s magic and send him squirming in pain. She went a step farther though, much to Touma’s extreme displeasure, and added the spell in the stadium that the Middle schoolers were going to have their sports events in.

Speaking of Middle schooler, I keep forgetting that Mikoto is actually a middle schooler and Touma’s a high schooler XD. I guess they’re both still underage an all, but its still something interesting and worth noting. The scene with Mikoto and Touma, was pretty interesting and made the inner Touma x Mikoto fan in me squeel in delight. As usual Mikoto went totally red, so much so that Touma wondered if she had a fever XDXDXDXD

It was also quite hilarious how Mikoto thought that he had infiltrated the Middle school game to make her lose and “win” their little bet. It wasn;t funny when Touma had been off about where the spell was, and instead Fukiyose ended up touching the pole that had the spell on it.

With Fukiyose injured, Touma is uber pissed off. I’m expecting some major woman-beating happening next episode XD


Seems like everyone’s down except for Touma. Things will definitely come to a head as Touma takes on Oriana by himself.

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