Near the Nelfa border area, our two favorite people are in the middle of a VERY serious debate. Ryner is staring in front of him and asks in a dead pan “What is this?” Ferris is munching away at her dango (seriously, how come you don’t have a sugar problem?) and says “Dango, obviously.” Ryner stands up, pointing at a fucking GINOURMOUS pile of packed dango as he yells/asks if she SERIOUSLY intends to buy all that!? Ferris calmly replies that not her, HE is the one buying. A tad befuddled, he asks why him. Ferris states in a matter of fact way that it serves as an apology for his previous failure – infiltrating a fortress for no reason AND leaving behind a hero relic which they finally managed to find.

As punishment, he has to buy her dango every day now. Five ways to pissed, Ryner says that SHE also left it behind besides, its not like they had a choice in the matter. Cause hey, it’s not at all easy to use a hero relic that’s been BURIED for only SEVERAL HUNDRED YEARS. Argument totally falls on deaf ears and a sharp blade which comes to rest about…ooooh three inches away from his face. Ryner wails and grumbles at his situation and totally puts allllll the blame on Sion. He sighs thinking that Sion’s probably at the castle, having a meal or taking an afternoon nap or something in that area.

Well actually he’s in the Council Room going over war tactics with his vassals, Miran and the other generals. One of them ask what Sion plans on doing to resolve this situation (cue other guy telling him to not be rude to the King. Retorted by that he has to be cause Sion is too naïve) Seems like Sion has given parts of Roland to the Estabul nobles and permission to keep on living as always. First guy is told politely (not really) to cork it and he reluctantly does. They push Sion to give a quick response though its only been just two days since they got news of the rebellion. Clane is commenting on this to Claugh and finishes by saying that they don’t even know who is behind this rebel army. Claugh mutters back that that guy really is an annoying bastard.

Sion comments that a counter measure has already been initiated. The first guy looks a tad surprised as Sion mentions that the leader of the uprising has already been researched. Estabul’s previous king’s daughter, Lady Noa Ehn. (EASIER NAMES FOR GOD’S SAKE PLEASE *weeps*) He asks Miran to tell the others the rest of the information. The rebel soldiers are fifty thousand in number and the probability of territories close to Estabul are likely to be caught up in the battle. So it’s best for those living around that area to be evacuated. The other guys are pissed that they have to leave their lands and properties behind – regardless of the assurances given, they are scared that their territories will be destroyed. Miran smiles and slyly inquires whether there is something there that they do not want seen? Cue nervous, a tad hesitant denial.

Miran tells them that if they want to stay then they are welcome too and it’s their choice. Miran confidently, quietly says that its only fifty thousand troops and they can be dealt with. The nobles seem…fidgety or worried at that before Miran says that he will be leading the army and ensure that uprising is suppressed. Sion however says that he wants General Claugh to solve this problem. Miran doesn’t like that and Claugh is surprised but he accepts the mission. Sion asks Miran to keep gathering information and deliver it to Claugh, along with his advice. Claugh would be happier to sit on a porcupine than have Miran give him back up but Sion sternly tells him that it’s an order for both of them.

Sion is making his way (back to the throne room? His office?) when Miran calls to him and asks him what just happened back there. Without fully turning back, Sion asks that Miran was the one who started the uprising yes? Miran starts slightly in surprise as Sion goes on to explain that by this move he can do a clean sweep of the Estabul anti-Roland forces and can investigate what the anti-king noble’s are up to. Miran schools his expression back to normal as he asks that if that were the case then what would he do? Sion replies without missing a beat, “Nothing at all. You’re doing your job, that’s all there is to it.” He turns and resumes on his way back.

At the Estabul side, at a Frontline Stronghold. Lady Noa is staring out at the vast plain before her as she converses with her vassal. She asks if her father is still in Roland. He answers back with a question, if she is worried about him. He continues that her father, their king, gave up the country on a whim for status and sanctuary in Roland. Noa says that she understand this but she thinks that the people would be more satisfied if her father was the one leading this uprising. The guy replies that the people and the nobles all love her deeply, their new leader. She doesn’t seem to like the sound of that and she sighs a bit and looks weary as she tells him to just leave it at that. He asks if she’s scared. She says she is because what would happen should they not win this battle. To top it off, Roland has treated the Estabul people quite well. (Then arnt you just biting the hand that feeds you?) She turns away, asking if its truly necessary to fight Roland.

The vassal says that of course it is – for the sake of getting Estabul out of Roland grip. Noa cuts him off as she snaps that it doesn’t matter what happens to a kingdom because it’s the people that are important. She asks if this really will make her people happy. (A tad late to be pondering upon this don’t you think M’ Lady?)  Isn’t what they’re doing nothing but unnecessary slaughter? She closes her eyes and admits that shes fine with anything as long as the people are happy. And that is something that her vassal, Sarawel taught her. He replies that their forces are strong, so Roland won’t do anything reckless at present. But even that situation cannot be guaranteed for a long time period. If she truly cares for her people, Sarawel tells her, then this is the time to act.

Tiredly, Noa states that if that is what he says then it must be so. Sarawel pledges that if it’s for her, then he won’t even back down to death. She turns to look at him as she recalls that when she was younger, she confided in Sarawel that she wanted to create a kingdom where everyone can smile and be happy. (Sion and her having similar dreams. I sense couple potential *feelers up and twitching*) She asks him if he thinks that she can do that. He smiles and tells her that of course. As the memory ends, she walks away.Noa walks inside and stands before the nobles as she declares that from here on, they will be engaging in combat against Roland. They will be taking back Estabul’s independence. The nobles cheers at her statement. Back in Roland, Sion has his srs bzns face on as he receives word from Claugh that the battle has started. Sion quietly closes his eyes. In the Council Room, Miran is overlooking the map. At Count Cleaude’s territory, the fighting rages on – knights and soldiers fighting.

From a rock formation overlooking the oncoming Estabul, Claugh asks his subordinate (Shuss) about the enemy’s number. The Estabul force is reckoned around eight to nine thousand. Looking like he’s had to swallow a lemon, Claugh comments that it’s just like Miran said and that he REALLY doesn’t like this. He commands Shuss that they should take this land with as few casualties as possible. The troops charge into the Estabul forces, who are surprised as hell as to where the Roland army came from. The Estabul forces curse the fact that they can’t use any greater magic in a focused battle. Claugh is plowing through the forces, using his magic to knock the riders off their horses as he yells “Where is the Commander?” Oh there seems to be…what do I call that? A tattoo on his arm that enables him to send off blasts of magic. He sees a distant figure and yells if he’s the commander and sends off a blast of magic. The guy turns to see Claugh and his last words are “You are…” Ah crap, he got his head blown off. Not a good way to go.

Claugh turns to the Estabul army and tells them that he just killed their Commander if they resist any further, they will all be killed. The army whispers amongst themselves – they can see Claugh’s red tattoo and wonder if he is Red Fingered Claugh. Claugh mutters to himself, “Damn it, all this pointless killing…” And that takes care of THAT battle – Miran, haughtily and with a small “humph”, removes the Estabul flags from the map. At the Stronghold, another army general is bringing forward more news of defeat to the Estabul nobles and nobles. They are shocked because its as though the army can read their every move. Come to think off…a team of Sion and Miran against anyone else? Gadzooks, talk about a sure shot lose.

Panicking, one of the nobles cries out that they were too reckless, he had said so before. So they bicker and mutter and argue amongst themselves. Noa asks if the soldier is absolutely SURE that the Roland commander in charge is Claugh Klom. The solider replies that yes it is. Noa turns to Sarawel and comments that he’s doing his best to make the troops surrender rather than killing them. Sarawel, hesitantly agrees. Noa comments “So that’s how Roland fights…If that’s the will of the Hero King, Sion Astal…Then after all, this battle is…” One of the nobles ask what the hell is she saying? Even this has to be part of the enemy’s plan. Another agrees, saying that once they take over Estabul, the fighting will only continue and they will have to endure Roland’s anger and hatred for years to come. They assure Noa that there is still another way and she should not lose heart yet.

Roland. Sion receives news that Claugh’s army has surrounded the rebel army’s stronghold. … oye, where’d Miran go too? The Council Room is empty now…don’t tell me…he went down there to the Stronghold? At ground zero, the Roland army is standing in front of the stronghold and Claugh received some news that he really doesn’t seem to like. He balls the paper up in anger and Nao seems to be have received the same news as well. The immediate withdrawal of the Roland army and the release of the war prisoners is demanded and if this demand is not met, all of Estabul’s people will be beheaded. This letter was…SENT TO THE ROLAND ARMY?! DDD8 ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR PEA BRAINED MIND?! YOU CALL THAT A PLAN?! YOU CALL THAT A PLAN?! *faints*

Noa is clearly conflicted at this as the nobles smugly reassure her that there’s no way in hell that Sion will let the people be massacred. *points at the nobles* you know what this is? Blackmail! A damn blackmailing scheme worthy of a lowly snake! Noa turns to Sarawel, asking him how even he could..he cuts her off with a harsh “I know! But..” He walks away from her saying that there’s no other way around this. ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! Excuses! Yer making excuses you shit head! DD8 He says that he will protect her at all costs. She yells if he would take the people as hostage for her sake then? Oh GOOD GRIEF, he replies that this is what the people want. (I’d recommend getting some new people Lady Noa or a new vassal, one who HASN’T been smoking pot!) He asks if they were to be defeated now then what would happen. All that they would be is oppressed and disgraced – citizens of a defeated kingdom. She retorts, by holding the people hostage, wouldn’t they be disgraced then? He has no reply for that as he stands with his back towards her. She pleads with him, can’t they stop this? He firmly says that its unstoppable.

She turns to look at all the nobles. Sadly she smiles as she says that that’s the way it is isn’t it? She’s merely a puppet ruler and in the end, she cannot save anyone at all. She lowers her head sadly. The door bursts open as a solider runs in, panting and out of breath as he declares that the Roland troops have begun their attack on the Estabul stronghold. Claugh has received the same word and he’s like “What did you say?!?” He sees their forces riding for the attack as his subordinate hesitantly says that their units are all gathered at their present position. Claugh yells then WHICH unit troops are those? Shuss wonders if maybe Sion sent reinforcements? Claugh says that Sion left everything to him so there’s no way that he would do something like that. And then…it hits him. Claugh wonders if it could be him.

The stronghold is getting blasted at and the nobles are in a right tizzy. They are surprised that Claugh would ignore the hostages and attack anyways. They panic as they wonder they should do now – for should they lose, they’ll be executed for having taken the people hostage. Sarawel says that they haven’t lost yet and tells them to…kill the hostages. *pauses. Turns to Sarawel* are you outta your cotton pickin mind? No seriously…what the hell man? What the hells wrong with you? For what God damned purpose are you doing this? Its nothing but senseless bloodshed! Someone stop this man with blunt force trauma to the head! GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH and he’s surrounded by bleeding fat moronic idiots as well! The nobles think that perhaps Roland thinks that they are not serious, so should they behead a hostage they might back off.

Noa steps up, telling them to stop, all that they’ve done is enough.  She tells them to release the hostages. One of the guys begin to speak but she cuts him off saying that she will do all that she can – by using only her OWN life and no one else’s. Sarawel is startled by this statement and says that he cannot allow her to die all alone. Okay bud, WHY are we working on the assumption that she will DIE? Or here’s an idea, why don’t YOU die and save her life eh? I reckon that’d be the pinnacle of your career. Anyways, he says that he will go with her. The other nobles chime in that they will go as well. She however, turns them down saying that their words alone are enough. She turns to them, telling them to live on and to give the people of Estabul at least a little happiness. Tears fall from her eyes  as she says, “For that sake…I…”

From the doorway, Miran comments that would be troublesome for him. They turn to see the man standing in the doorway. He comments that everyone’s concern for the country is quite moving, but only Noa’s life (in his opinion) wouldn’t be anywhere NEAR enough for all the crimes against the people. Indeed, for the dissolution of Estabul, wouldn’t a tragedy be the more fitting option? Noa asks who he is and he introduces himself. Two of the nobles grab their swords and ask how did he manage to get in, were the soldiers outside killed? Miran easily says that there’s no way that this castle would fall THAT easily. Though, even if it were to fall, the Roland troops couldn’t possibly get in anyways. Because…his expression turns sly and Noa gasps, seeming to understand what he’s hinting. The nobles draw their swords as Miran declares that this stronghold will become part of the tragedy’s grand finale. He lets loose one of his shadow demons/dogs and they start taking down the nobles like its no one’s business. One of the noble’s yells at Sarawel to protect the princess. He grabs her by the hand and takes her away as she yells that she can’t leave the others. As they make their way through the building, dead soldiers litter the hallways. Sarawel pushes her into a wide room as he faces the doorway.

Noa despairs that everyone is dead…everything is lost to them. Sarawel says that there is still something left. Angrily she asks what do they have left? He eerily comments, “Your life.” Oh crap don’t tell me *facepalms* I thought it might be it but damn it, I shook it off thinking that that’d be too big of a blow to her but jeeez…aye aye aye *shakes head* She turns to face him as he puts forward the scenario. She would lead their remaining soldiers to fight the Roland soldiers in a riot and the one to kill the princess would be one Sarawel Seal – who will later on be regarded as a hero and the kingdom’s savior for ending the conflict. In a shaky voice Noa realizes that the reason why their forces were intercepted, the one who suggested that they take was all him? Any bets that Miran got to him? *narrowed eyes glare*

She brokenly states that she believed in him. He leers at her saying that his first plan was to make her…his wife?! You know what, someone better kill him before I do. I swear, imam gonna kill him. She says that all that she wanted was a world where everyone could laugh and be as they wished. He moves to stand before her and states that the world won’t be moved by pretty words. He doesn’t seem to notice as she slowly moves her hand to her back, aha GOOD girl! Ah crap he did notice or he’s got good reflexes, he grabs her wrist as she tries to stab him. He rips the sword out of her hand as he says that this is where it ends for her.

He is ready to strike her when Miran’s shadow dog comes up from behind and chokes/crushes Sarawel dead. THANK YOU Miran! Miran lazily comments that she should relax for Roland isn’t THAT desperate to let a man like THAT become a hero. Noa asks if this is Sion’s doing. Miran comments that his King would never do something like this. He was the only one behind this. Smoothly played bucko, seriously. *head slap* I KNEW IT! Miran WAS the one who conspired together with Sarawel. Nao, on her knees listens on as he admits that Sion realized this and that’s why he sent Claugh in his stead. For THAT is the kind of person Sion Astal is. However, there is one thing that Sarawel said right – the world isn’t moved by pretty words alone. He declares that after killing the hostages, Lady Noa committed suicide- that’s the way the story will be told.

She asks if Sion would forgive such a thing? Miran comments that ideally, no one would know that he’s been there but..perhaps Sion would forgive him. That is one of his virtues. And do I hear footsteps?! CLAUGH bout damn time you showed up you … you tardy red head! Ah crap Miran heard him coming and dodged the magic blast and GACK THAT’S GONNA HIT NOA *arm flailage* Oh wait false alarm *whew* He runs towards her and helps her up asking if he’s hurt. He asks if Miran was the one behind this whole rebellion. A tad bemused he admits that Klom got him good this time though he didn’t expect him to show up so quickly. Claugh clearly isn’t in the mood for any bullshit and tells him to answer his question. Noa turns towards Claugh and wonders if he is the Red Fingered Claugh. Claugh tells Miran that depending on his answer…Miran finishes the statement easily, then he’ll be killed right?

Angrily Claugh says that he never did think that Sion needs him anyways. Miran retorts that Claugh in turn cannot see the burden that he has to bear. So if there’s anyone who is not qualified to serve him, its Claugh. He yells back that he doesn’t need any qualification to be by Sion’s side. Miran states that for the sake of the path upon which Sion treads, he will kill Noa Ehn and the hostages. And should Claugh come in the way….Claugh asks if he thinks that he can do that. Miran raises his arm, calling it a simple task. As Miran and Claugh get ready to kick each other’s ass to next Sunday, Noa thinks that for the sake of Estabul’s people, Claugh must not die. Just as Claugh rushes forward and Miran starts his chant, Noa yells to Miran.

She states that if it absolutely necessary to kill the hostages to complete the conquering of Estabul, then she will talk to them. She will convince them to follow Roland. Claugh is confused as to what she’s saying and who she is. She walks forward, stating that it would be more effective to let her talk to them instead of killing the hostages and staining Estabul’s repute. Miran admits that she is quite popular amongst the people. But, there will be those who will call her a traitor and a sellout. She firmly states that she wouldn’t mind that. And should he wish to kill her afterwards, then so be it. Therefore, she would like him to not kill everyone. Miran agrees and says that THAT concludes the battle. *falls over. Attempts to get back in her seat while leaning on the table* MAN yer a strange one Miran. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get a lock on your character.

Miran walks away asking Claugh to withdrawn his troops. Claugh is ready to bust Miran’s head into the nearest stone wall but Noa holds up a hand to hold him back. She suddenly falls to her knees, relieved and Claugh asks if she’s alright. She states that she believes in him and his king a great deal. Claugh is just confused at that line. Omai *sweatdrops* you totally don’t get who she is do you? Just err…don’t hit on her or anything please? (^^;;; ) and I’m saying that for your sake. She catches sight of Serawel’s dead body and she turns her face away, holding one hand up to block her sight as she asks Claugh to help her up cause she’s feeling a bit weak. Claugh offers his hand and helps her up. He blushes as he realizes that he’s still holding her hand and let’s go as she smiles. Awww see see, sparkles in the air~ sure fire couple moment here XD

Talk about Mood whiplash, such a cute coupley moment after all that head spinniness? Rock on man *head is going swirly swirl* or wait, maybe thats cause I’m fasting XD. Noa thinks that with everyone’s help, she is sure that Estabul’s people will surely….back in Roland, Sion depressingly comments that once again, people have died. Heavily he thinks that he made Claugh kill people once again. He’s talking to himself, telling himself that his war was a necessity which is why he didn’t blame Miran for his crimes. He left it up to Claugh to save lives even if were just a few. But he pauses and a wonder out loud if that’s just an excuse he’s making up. A voice pipes up, asking if Sion is going to cry. *double take* IRIS?! THAT’S DANGEROUS! Get the hell do… did you even…*stares dumbfounded*

Iris is hanging upside down from a hole in the ceiling as she comments that she once saw a face in a picture book and Sion is making the same face – like he’s about to cry. She comments that it’s the first time she’s seen that face cause Ferris never cries and Lucile only smiles, which is just plain ole scary. Sion tries to be cheerful as he comments that Lucile is quite scary. Iris cheerfully asks if he’s gonna cry or not? Sion gently tells her that he won’t. She asks if maybe she came by at a bad time? (Use the door please, like normal people..please?) He says that maybe she did. Iris drops down to the floor and says that the next time he’s gonna cry, he’s gotta show her *bemused* Sion asks if she has a report for him from Ryner and Ferris? She pulls out her notebook and Sion opens it only to burst out laughing at the image. He laughingly asks if the dog is Ryner and the angel Ferris. Iris smiles saying that Ryner is the wild beast while Ferris is…the sweetly smiling, beautiful angel of retribution….(NOT NOT NOT!) Sion flips to the next page and asks what this is. Iris tells him that they that dug a hole and found something that looked like a dagger but because they didn’t know what it was, they threw it away. And a huge dragon came to life. Sion asks if it was possibly a hero’s relic? He is surprised that they actually exist.

The door opens a tall chap comes in, Miller. Sion asks what is it and he hands over a report. Ah crap more bad news?! Sion asks if he’s sure of this news and Miller says that the information came from “him” and by “him”, Miller assumes that Sion knows who he means. Sion turns to Iris and asks her to go back to Ryner’s place immediately. Ryner is staring in shock and surprise at an even MORE GINOURMOUS pile of packed dango as Ferris tells him that she’ll be leaving the day’s rations up to him. HOW do you not get FAT after eating ALL THAT?! HOW?! And the more pressing question is…. Ne Ryner, how you gonna CARRY all that? Oo That’s like…twice your height and width and depth XD He yells and curses Sion with excessively indecent words which get censored.

Score: A/A


AWESOME episode! Best episode yet I dare so! I was on the edge of my seat all along! Give me more stuff like this and I’ll be calling this show the dark horse for the Summer 2010 season! Quite an episode indeed! Battles! Political intrigue! A pretty princess! A knight to her rescue! A shadowy cryptic figure! Betrayal of the worst kind! Questioning one’s morality and ethics!

Noa comes off as a nice lady, no question about it but as a ruler? You can’t help but think that “Yeah she seems like a sweet girl but as a ruler? I dunno if she’s got the spine backbone for it” but then in the end when she tries to get Sarawel and then ‘negotiates’ with Miran you go “WHOA, yeah now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Show me some more of that steel in you girl!” I hope to see more of her further on down the road – I think we will cause she’s got a part in the OP after all XD

Poor Sion, you can’t help but feel worse and worse for the poor guy every week. He’s stuck with the worst job from the three. True he wanted it but man…can’t he catch a break please? ;A; And WHAT bad news is it now? *groans* Is it something to do with Ryner’s Astal Stigma? In the preview we do see Ryner going ballistic much like he did when he faced the Estabul Knights. But still, props to Iris for cheering him up 🙂 He needed that laugh!

Does anyone else get the vibes that…maybe Iris is gonna get killed somewhere along the lines of this show? Or is that just me? I don’t have any evidence to back it up but…its just a feeling I’m getting. Or well the only evidence in my favor is that we have a body count in every episode. Should I start counting? 😛 No wait…I’ll never be able to keep an accurate count given how many battles and stuff go on.

Someone tell me…while I (though I am a girl through and through) enjoy fan service scenes and a good tsundere girl and stuff like HOTD (its my 24 minutes of weekly CRACK!) … but…I don’t get the appeal of Ferris. She tends to grate on my nerves faster than cheese grates on a grater. Is it me? Why don’t I get her appeal? ;_; I kinda wanna get that…or rather I kinda don’t…*is confused* Just someone explain to me what her appeal point is and I’ll give you a basket of Internets.

The couply moment of Claugh and Noa, dawwwww how cute *tosses the notion of Sion x Noa out the nearest window and into the nearest trashcan* Claugh x Noa, way more cuter~ I LOVED the tension between Miran and Claugh that finally came out. Though I was hoping for some more physical blows to be exchanged but the verbal ones more than made up for it. Though I don’t like or trust Miran one bit, the fact remains that Sion NEEDS someone like him on his side. Someone who is willing and capable of shouldering all the darkness that comes with the task of being King. Loved his rebuttal to Claugh that he can’t see the burden that Sion has to carry, wapish!~ NICE shot!

Sarawel you bastard! (oAo) A little after he was introduced he was ringing my warning bells and I thought “you know it’d be kool if he was the one to betray her…but naaaa that’d be too big of a blow to her…which would be kool for the angst factor but damn that would suck as hell…” And Miran…Miran Miran Miran, you are quite the smooth operator. Your planning…its really quite something. Nothing at Lelouch or Light/Kira’s level but hey, we’ve got a long way to go right? Show us more of your devious ways, I am intrigued…though I still don’t like you. I don’t get you that well yet ergo, I still don’t trust you as far as I can throw you.

Give me more episodes like this man! 😀 It’ll totally make my whole effing WEEK! Excellent episode! Encore! Encore! Author!

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