We’re into week 6 of Legend of the Legendary Heroes and this week’s episode starts with a flashback. Sion kneels by his bedridden mother’s side as she tell him to remember that it doesn’t matter who speaks badly of him because he’ll find plenty of people who will love him. So even if she’s not in the world, he still won’t be alone. Sion is shaken out of his stupor by Iris calling out his name. Sion quickly asks how Ryner and Ferris are doing. Iris tells him that there’s this idiotic prince and a good prince but no one likes the idiotic prince. Everyone likes the good prince.

Sion quickly understands that shes talking about Toale. Iris hands over a very…colorful and semi-abstract drawing of…I have no clue what that’s supposed  to be..or WHO that’s supposed to be. Sion asks that Ryner and Ferris are with Toale then? Iris affirms this and Sion smiles back as he stares at her crayon coloring as he says, “Nelpha huh…”

At the Reception Hall, Sion is having a meeting with his vassals about the visit to Nelpha. A lotta people say that Sion shouldn’t go to Nelpha but the rumors of his possible visit are already spreading. Very clearly it’s a trap that’s been set up by the Duke Stearied faction. The whole idea should be called off. Miran speaks up from his seat that Sion should go through with the Nelpha visit. The idiot nobles have set up a stupid trap and Sion must overcome it without even breaking a sweat. If they handle it right, the chance can be used to round up the entire anti-king faction.

Claugh stands up saying that is Sion gets killed then it’ll all be over. Already the anti-king faction has joined forces with the Nelphan nobility and together they’re plotting to kill Sion. Miran brushes the threat off, saying that even if Sion heads for Nelpha, he won’t die. And what makes him so confident of this?, asks Calne. Miran himself will enter Nelpha with Sion. UWA, holy over qualified body guards Batman.

Claugh asks and what if the case is he himself were the hired killer? Miran doesn’t take any offense to that inquiry and merely replies that if that was so, all they’d have to do is kill him and protect Sion. Or perhaps he doesn’t have enough confidence to do even that, taunts Miran. Grinding his teeth, Claugh tells him that if he finds out any reason to suspect that Sion may die at Miran’s hand, “I’ll kill you right here, on the spot.” Uwa, kowai. Talk about tensions thick enough to cut with a knife. Okay seriously, I want to know whats up with Miran’s ring already. Anymore glints off it and im gonna steal it.

Miran simply asks Sion to make his choice. Sion says that he will go to Nelpha accompanied by Miran, and only him. Miran looks as cool and smug as always as he meets Sion’s gaze. Across the border in Nelpha, Sion has arrived at the Imperial Nelpha Royal Palace.  All the guards are staring at him with supreme suspicion and distrust as they whisper amongst themselves if Roland plans to invade Nelpha and the what not. Sion greets the King and pleasantries are exchanged. Sion puts forward his intent to have a long and prosperous fellowship with Nelpha and the King is … touched, dare I say by the words (he was expecting words of war I suspect?)

A loud laugh from the side. Could this be the idiot prince? He puts down Roland, saying that such a kingdom is hardly fit for such a young king. Prince Starnel is berated by another guy (one of the King’s vassals I’ll assume) to be more polite. Starnel reminds him to remember who he is talking to lest he find himself a head short. In not so many words though…The King steps forward, calling out to his son. Sion and Miran are still watching, the former stepping forward to introduce himself. Starnel starts to berate Roland again and the King steps forward to grab Starnel by the head but he pushes him away. Gread tells him to be quiet and to leave. Starnel leaves and the King apologizes.

Sion tells him not to worry about it. The next night, the king asks if Sion would attend the banquet being thrown in his honor. Sion accepts. In his room, Sion is going through the letter that Fiole had written to his sister in which he praises Sion.  He is interrupted by Miran, who asks if he’s still keeping that letter with him. Sion says that he intends to deliver it once they return home. As he slips the letter back into an envelope, Sion asks if Miran noticed the figurehead being propped up. Who is the one pulling Starnel Nelphi’s strings…Miran says they’ll find out soon enough, he’s using some first-rate people after all.

Sion points out that by that statement he implies that he’s first rate as well. Miran replies that he is devoted only to Sion and no one else. No matter what happens, he will protect him. Sion lightly says that that’s a comforting thought really and there’s a place that he wants to visit (he opens the window as he says so) so hes leaving the rest up to Miran. I can almost see the sweat drop on Miran’s head as he asks if Sion is joking. Sion merely says that he is not the king of king who would die in such a place. Meria bows and says that he understands and he can leave the rest up to him. Sion jumps off the balcony and away he goes.

At the Toale residence, Ryner is just waking up and enters the room yawning and then stares at the sight before h im in disbelief. Its Sion having soup with bread calmly saying “Long time no see. Have you been doing your job?” Ryner closes the door with another yawn saying that he’s going back to sleep but instead gets kicked in the back by Ferris. As he kisses wood, Ferris says that no matter how hunger a person is, there is no way that that a table is edible. Five kinds of mad, Ryner angrily asks why she kicked him.

Ferris says that he was blocked her way so she just pushed him along. Sion listens to their bantering and comments that the two of them are getting along swimmingly. Both of them tell him to shut up. Ryner points to Ferris and says what the big idea to push “this annoying woman” on him. That earns him another kick to the back of the neck and he kisses the table AGAIN. And then gets stomped on repeatedly as he yells in pain. Sion calmly has some bread commenting that yep, they really do get along beautifully. Cause Ferris was never so unreserved around him. Ryner lies twitching on the ground with boot marks all up and down his back. Poor guy…

Ferris sits down on the table across from Sion as Ryner crawls into the seat asking if Ferris even knows the meaning of the word ‘mercy’? For WHY does he get beaten to the verge of death just for one harmless little morning joke. Ferris is ignoring him and takes a bite of the bread before declaring it to be delicious. Ryner looks on at her, completely pissed off and says that he’ll totally kill her….one day…but if he can’t get Ferris…he turns his gaze towards Sion…Sion will totally do too.

Toale comes in with a huge pot of fresh soup and asks that Sion was Ryner’s cousin right? Ryner sits up saying that he’s mistaken for Sion is Roland’s- Ferris AND Sion kicks him in the shin and step on his foot as Sion watches in bemusement and asks “We’re  cousin’s right?” Ryner REALLY can’t take a hint as he says “What are you talking about?” And Sion kicks him AGAIN, whispering to him to take a hint already *winces* owie owie owie…Ryner hurriedly agrees before sighing and saying that he really can’t take anymore of this so he’ll take an afternoon nap. . . . BUT YOU JUST WOKE UP D: Sion cheekily asks that isn’t he just sleeping the whole day away? Ryner snaps back that he really wishes he COULD sleep all day long! Ferris pops another bread piece in her mouth before commenting that given that he’s hitting on woman all night long in the streets, its no wonder he’s tired. Okay seriously….you *points at Ferris* need to have your head examined.

Sion asks if that’s true and Ryner yells very loudly that it aint! Toale chuckles and comments that the three of them get along really well don’t they. They all ask “HOW?” and Toale can only sweat drop. As Ryner sits back in his seat, Sion asks if it’s true that Toale has royal blood in him.  The boy pours some soup saying that there’s nothing glamorous about it really. Sion  asks if his father is Starnel Nelphi. Toale says that is true but he says that to Starnel, he’s merely a burden. Ryner accepts the soup as Sion comments that he has heard that Toale excels in academics and the cabinet ministers secretly consult with him behind Starnel’s back.

Toale says that what he wants to see is his younger siblings raised in happiness and that’s all he wants. Ryner finishes his soup and comments that it’s a shame really because he thinks that Toale would make a way better king unlike Sion. Toale is confused at that and Sion kicks him AGAIN. THAT pisses Ryner off and he finally asks the question about what the hell is Sion even doing there. He calmly says that he just happened to be in the neighborhood. YAH RITE. Ryner tells him to quit lying and Sion says “And on that note..”

With a note of trepidation in his voice, Ryner asks “What is it?” Sion says that he has a favor to ask from the two of them. This ….wouldnt be like the ‘favor’ he asked for before right? *checks around for Lucile* Toale can only look at them in confusion as Ryner and Ferris look on curiously. That night at the Imerial Palace, the banquet for Sion is well under way. But whats this? A guard on round’s was suddenly pulled down and away behind a hedge and he’s out for the count. A grappling hook is tossed up to the roof and a dark clad figure is climbing his/her way up the wall. Ah crap, it’s more than one! At the roof, Ferris and Ryner watch on through a skylight.

Ryner stands up commenting that he’s really tired and asks just why are they going through all this hassle for Sion? The four masked figures are … littered over the roof. Gyahahaha yup yup, even this ‘favor’ involved a threat. Ferris comments that Sion had said that if they don’t guard him, Sion would crush the Wynnit dango shop. Ryner asks in surprise that she isn’t concerned for Sion’s life? Ferris looks down at Sion (who is mingling with de ladies) and asks if it’s necessary to do so. Ryner admits that point.

A voice calls out if there’s someone on the roof. The two of them are surprised. Sion is looking out the window and catches sight of the two of them running on the roof. Sion returns to his room only to be greeted by Miran….who has a body lying at his feet! Sion doesn’t seem at all fazed at this instead he seems more resigned. Sion asks for his report and Miran introduces Count Werius, the one of the ringleaders in the whole affair. Chalk up another dead noble. Sion asks who is the one in charge then? Miran replies that it’s Starnel.

It seems that the whole root of the matter is when the king began considering Tole as a successor to the throne. Hrum hrum…you can almost see the gears working away in Sion’s head as he says that then Starnel would seek to assassinate Gread before that could happen in order to ensure his place on the throne. Miran affirms this and further adds that in order to do so, he turned to the Roland noble’s for support. After a pause, Sion asks if Miran would really have him conquer the entire Menoris continent? This is like watching a fencing match really. Miran replies that a true king is not what one wants but rather what the world wants.

Sion says that he will speak with the King and let him handle Starnel’s punishment. Miran bows and more ring glintage. Yargh seriously, WHAT is up with that ring?! WHAT WHAT WHAT! At a nearby Noble Residence, there is trickery afoot. A room is glowing red and there are many bodies littering the floor as Miran stands on the balcony, two …spirits(?) floating around him as he wishes them to have a pleasant rest. For with this, most of the Nelphan collaborators have been taken care of.  All that is left is…Miran turns his towards another building in the distance.

At the Toale resident, Ryner and Ferris are sitting on the balcony. Ferris has just finished the last dango on the stick and tosses it away…it lands at Miran’s feet. He looks up in surprise as Ryner and Ferris land in front of him. Miran is surprised and impressed that his presence was noted but he refers to Ryner as Toale. Ryner is confused as Miran continues that there was nothing reported in his background regarding combat skills. Ferris asks who he is. Miran introduces himself as Ryner and Ferris stand up. Miran goes on, saying that the citizens of the land wish for Toale to become their king however…it would be problematic for Nelphi to be blessed with a good king AND a position of power.

And for this reason, Toale must die. Miran raises his hand, a red light glowing from his finger tips. A blurry Alpha Stigma sigil forms over Ryner’s right eye before it fizzes up, leaving Ryner to grab his eye in pain as Miran lets loose his attack straight at Ryner. Ferris jumps forward to block the attack with her sword just before it can hit Ryner. She quickly asks Ryner what this attack is.

He activates his Alpha Stigma and says that this is no magic because even the Alpha Stigma cant make out any structure. Could it be a relic? Naaaaa…Miran sends another attack (it looks like a wolf spirit or something of the likes) and Ferris jumps forward to slash at them while yelling at Ryner to just do it. Ryner chants the Estabul spell and runs towards Miran. Miran is surprised as he recognizes the magic. All the spirit attacks are dodged by Ryner and while running, he sends a fireball at Miran and who is all “Now he’s using Roland magic?”

Miran blocks using a his ring to set up a shield. And then he realizes that he’s not facing Toale. Rather, he is one of his guards yes? Ryner seems like a rather dangerous person (you should see him on a regular day…hehe that’d be funny as hell actually) and Ferris’s moves are a far cry from ordinary. Miran comments that for Toale to have such powerful guards at his side only strengthens the fact that he must be disposed of.

A dark shadow pool forms underneath Miran’s feet, from which tentacles spread out. One of them comes at Ferris, a hand coming out and grabbing Ferris from the neck. Another tries to hit her but she manages to block it with her sword. She jacks away at the ‘shadow hand’ holding her and stares in shock at the giant shadow monster before her. She dodges its punch before slashing away its arm. Ryner slams the thing with a face full of Izuchi. The now head less monster falls at Ryner’s feet as he calls out to Ferris. The hand that she had comes to land right behind her, injuring her as it falls. She falls forward as Ryner turns to Miran. Gyaaa that looks like a bad wound!

Miran comments that in the end, it is only natural for the weak to kneel before the strong. Ryner tells Miran that he’s full of shit to be calling Ferris weak. She isn’t the kind of woman who would clumsily fall over on the ground. She is strong and always acting in a high and mighty manner because if she didn’t…it would mean that he’d lose the chance to get beaten up all the time.

Miran lazily inquires that then what would Ryner have him do? Ryner tells that he’ll beat the crap out of him and make that shadow disappear. Miran brings in hand forward and says that he cannot do that. Ryner smirks saying that there’s not telling till he tries. He controls the shadows with the ring right? Miran starts back slightly at this observation but covers it by saying that he really is a frightening person, and the shadows disappear. Miran asks how he could tell. Ryner says that he remembers the legend of the great Emperor Kokuei.

Particularly, the legend of the shadow king who enshrouded the entire world. This king gifted his top subordinate with a ring – a ring with a strange power inside of it. Its power was to control shadows. And this person used this ring to assassinate high ranking people in enemy nations however….a certain knight cut off the finger that bore the ring with a sword. How very Sauron and Isildur! The name of that knight, the legendary hero was Halford Miran. He slices off the finger of the assassin and repelled the ring’s power.

Miran comments that he can’t do that. Ryner easily agrees but perhaps Ferris- and Ryner’s on the ground courtesy of a punch by Ferris. Ferris yells at him that if hes got time to explain all THAT, he should find this man’s weak spot asap! She’s standing up with the support of her sword as Ryner explains that its Miran’s ring which creates shadow monsters. Ferris asks if the ring is a hero relic. Ryner agrees. Ferris pops a nerve as she says that with a hero relic in front of them, WHY is he lying around like an idiot?

Before he can say its thanks to Ferris, Ferris’s hand ‘slips’ and her sword misses Ryner by a few scant inches. Ryner sighs and says that they should get rid of Miran already. Miran chuckles  before breaking out into out and out laughter before he says that it’s a real pity that he has to kill them. But if he were to let them live, they would be a real hindrance to his master one day. Miran says that he won’t harm Toale for he has a much larger matter to deal with in killing the two of them. He raises his hand as he says that they should meet again soon. He disappears as a shadow forms a bubble around him before popping, leaving Ferris and Ryner facing the coming dawn.

Ryner sighs and says that if that bluff hadn’t worked, things would have become very bad very fast. Ferris swoons and pitches forward, Ryner managing to catch her before she falls to the ground. He holds her up and tells her to rest, he’ll take care of the rest. Ferris smiles a bit and says that he shouldn’t even think of assaulting her in her sleep. Ryner denies this completely. Ferris passes out in his arms as the sun finally rises.

Back in Roland, Sion is sitting back in his seat and talking with Claugh. Claugh says that he just can’t get a lock on Miran’s character. No matter how much he tries, he just can’t dig up any information about him prior to his adoption into Duke Froaude’s house. Everyone involved even, is already dead. Even the nobles who plotted Sion’s assassination in Nelpha have been killed.  Claugh asks that isn’t it Miran who murdered them all? A tad apathetically, Sion says that that’s right. Claughs says that he’s too dangerous and should be removed immediately. I’d agree with him on that one Sion.

Sion is quiet in response. He looks up at a knock on the door and speak of the devil, its Miran at the door with an additional report about the Nelpha visit. With a huff, Claugh leaves the room. Miran asks what Sion has found out about his background. He doesn’t pull any punches this one…Sion holds up a paper saying that would he like to see for himself. And this one doesn’t either huh….Miran looks at it all and smiles and says that it’s quite some research. He asks Sion what he plans to do now. Dismissal perhaps? Sion says that his work in Nelpha was really amazing, so why would he dismiss him?

With a tinge of amusement, Miran says that Sion really is a strange person. Sion replies that he hardly needs to hear that from him of all people. Miran calmly says that were he in his position, he would just as soon get rid of such a dangerous person of talent. Sion however is of the opinion that whatever can be used, should be used. Miran states that that is the quality that qualifies him as a king. And as long as he desires it, Miran shall serve him.

Sion asks about the additional report. Miran admits that he attacked the Toale residence but faces some unexpected interference. Sion is interested in this. That night, Sion is pondering over what he has learnt. He wonders if he indirectly just attempted to kill Ryner and Ferris. Sion brushes the thought away as quickly as it cropped up. Thinking that he would never make such a blunder. At the Toale residence, Ferris is saying that they should leave before anyone notices. Ryner looks as happy as a kicked puppy before walking away with Ferris.

Ryner states that if they were to stay here any longer, then Miran may around again right? Ferris tells Ryner that her back injury is much better now so she shouldn’t be much of a hindrance here on after. Though, without his very crude care, it may have healed faster. Ryner gives her a bad look but when she meets his gaze, he looks away saying that “I see…good for you…” And the couple are back on their journey.

Ara ara, its Milk-san who is inquiring about…a beautiful, violent woman and a dark haired man. Sudden thought, what would it be like if Milk and Iris ever met and got into an “who is better, Ryner or Ferris?” argument. That’d be funny as hell. Oh it’s the dango lady from episode one. As she runs towards her four companions, Milk thinks that for sure, she will find Ryner.

Score: B+/A


Hur hur hur, a seriously interesting episode! This Miran…he seems like the kinda guy you’d expect to have a Legendary Hero in his family line. He struck me more as the guy with the shadow assassin as his great grandfather or something. And what information exactly as Sion found out about Miran that he asks what Sion would do not.

Sion Sion Sion, what yer doin is like trying to juggle chainsaws WITH ONE HAND. Miran’s a man with his own agenda that he himself has kinda admitted to having. Having such a power hungry man on your side isn’t always such a good thing. And given the fact that Claugh couldn’t find out anything about the man prior to his adoption is just even MORE suspicious. He’s pushing his own agenda forward and for God’s sake, why on Earth have you given him carte blanche to do whatever he wants?! This WILL come back to bite you in the ass!

Seeing Ryner’s proper serious side was very nice to see. He can be a seriously good fighter if he wants too. And nani nani~~ *eyes Ferris and then Ryner* my shoujo senses are tingling here…though really, I don’t get what’s to be gained by Toale’s assassination at Miran’s hand. No Toale means no good heir to the throne, possibly Starnel being kicked out of the running for the throne which leaves Gread in the lurch about who to pick.

Wouldn’t it be better to strike up a friendship with Toale and to have an alliance with Nelpha? But then again, the history between the two countries hasn’t really been that friendly….gyah all this is making me so confused! Give me the next episode already!

Random Thought: Can you imagine a Lucile Vs Miran show down? Maaaan that would be some epic shit wouldn’t it? 😀

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