Nunally with Suzaku?!??!

Picking up right where the last episode left off, Lelouch is in quite the problematic situation. The new governor-general of Area 11 is revealed to be none other than Nunally. To make matters worse, Suzaku is right next to Lelouche, waiting for for him to slip up and reveal that he’s Zero. However, Rollo quickly comes to his “onii-chan’s” rescue and uses his Geass on Suzaku. In the time when Suzaku is frozen in time, Lelouche quickly tells Nunally to act as if they’re strangers and tells her that he loves her. The Geass wears off, and Lelouche and Nunally act as Lelouche intends. Suzaku is confused, and quiets down. Rollo meanwhile, slips away unnoticed.

Lelouche apologizes for the misunderstanding, and says that he’s honoured to have spoken to the princess. He hands the phone to Suzaku, who also apologizes and Nunally is left wondering what exactly is going on between Lelouche’ and Suzaku.

The scene shifts to the California base, where Nunally’s escort is getting ready. Gilford is trying to join the escort, sure that Zero is going to attack. Of course, the head of the escort says that he doesn’t need Gilford’s help. He says that the original Zero is already dead and that the current Zero is only using his name.As he mentions that being afraid of this imposter is a disgrace to Princess Corneilia, in comes Loyd, in his weird somewhat druken manner.

Loyd comments on how tuning the Lancelot took longer than he expected. He also calls the Emperor of Britania “Curly” which seems to piss of the head of Nunally’s escort.

The scene shifts and we are shown a news broadcast that announces the arrival of the new Governer-General of Area 11, who’s identity and background are yet unknown to the public. The topic diverges towards Zero and the Chinese federation.

We are whisked away to the heart of the Chinese federation where a little white haired girl is taking with the same black haired girl who aided Zero in the last Season. Black haired girl says that she’ll have a look into the outside world again, and this seems to make the white haired girl sad. She says that she finally made a friend, but the black haired girl says that her “husband” is waiting for her (Awww… aren’t you lucky LeloucheXD).

The scene shifts back to Lelouche this time, as he is discussing the latest Nunally development with C.C. C.C asks Lelouch if he is ready to face his own sister, to which he says that he isn’t. On the question of abandoning his sister, Lelouch rejects that idea as well. He states that the reason he become Zero was to make a world for Nunally, and to do that he’s ready to destroy the Britanian Empire if he has to. The talk shifts towards V.V, and C.C tells Lelouch that V.V is one of the Emperor’s oldest allies. As the description of said alliance is being told, the scene shifts to the emperor and V.V having their own conversation.

The Emperor states that he will “slay the gods” and V.V affirms that “THAT” is their contract. V.V asks the Emperor/Charles why he didn’t tell Nunally about Zero’s true identity and the Geass. The response is a “there was no need to”, to which V.V replies that Charles is still naïve. Charles replies with a question of his own: “Am I? Brother.”

Elsewhere, Nunally’s escort is heading towards Area 11, while Suzaku and the other two Knights of the rounds are shocked to find that Zero and the order of the Black Knights have vanished from the Chinese Embassy. Xing replies that the Chinese just confirmed it for themselves and suggests that they share information, and hopes that Britannia will see that they harbor no ill intent against the empire.He states that Zero and the others left through an underground passage, taking the nightmares with them. Suzaku concludes that the Black Order is going after Nunally, and Gino remarks on how “They got us”.

Back at the ship that’s escorting Nunally, intruders are sighted, it’s the Order of Black Knights.Zero announces to his knights that the goal for the operation is the capture of the new Governer-General, but she is to be left unharmed, no matter what.

Using a smoke screen, the Order conceals it’s Knightmares that are being supported by Aircrafts. The Commander of Nunally’s escort tells his forces that the smoke screen is of little concern, and instructs them to attack head on. While the Britannian soldiers focus on the smoke screen, Todo, Karen and a few other of the Knights jump onto the main airship. Zero/Lelouch comments on how foolish the commander is, focusing his attack on the smoke screen which was intended as a diversion. Soon afterwards, most of the ariel combat ships are taken down by the Order. Ogi and the other helicopters and planes retreat back. As the commander is having a hard time thinking of how to save his fleet, Zero enters the main ship, easily commanding the two gaurds to kill themselves via Geass. He heads towards the garden and Nunally.

Outside, just as it seems the Knights have won the day, reinforcements arrive from the back. It’s Gilford and his army here to rescue the escort. Loyd comments on how “mass production” is nice, and his assistant (her name eludes me at the moment XD) asks him if it’s okay to have Lord Schneilzel pay for the expenses. Loyd replies that it should be alright, since he’ll notice sooner or later. This statement of Loyd’s shocks his assistant as she thought he had told Schneilzel about the mass production (Is it just me… or is Loyd even wackier than before? O_o)

As the fight between the Black Order and Gilford rages on outside, inside Lelouch comes face to face with his sister. A guard from the control room notifies Nunally that Zero is in the room with her, and is shot down by a Geass controlled guard who enters the room soon after.

Nunally asks the person infront of her if he is Zero, and if he is going to kill her too, like he killed her brother Clovis and her sister Euphie. She asks that he wait a while longer before he does so. She says that she believes he is wrong.

Outside, Todo uses a grapple wire to link himself to an enemy, giving Karen the chance to slide onto the wire and finish it off. The battle is raging on, and to make matters worse Gino makes his debut. He takes care of another Knight of the Order of Black Knights, taking it out by surprising the Knight with his Knightmare’s transformation. Meanwhile, on the bridge of the main ship, the Commander is horrified at the sight of the Knights of the Rounds, thinking that his evaluation will be terrible as a result. He tries to shoot down Todo in his desperation, but Todo easily dodges and the blast hits the ship’s engines instead. With the engine damaged, the ship is on the path for a full collision with one of the fleets escorting backup ships.A blast wipes out the backup ship, saving the main ship. It’s Anya, the pink haired Knight of the rounds. Suzaku contacts Loyd on his plane, asking if Lancelot is ready. Loyd replies that it’s ready and able.

Inside the ship, Nunally states that Zero is right in front of her (Uhhh… yeah? What are you…Blind? Oh wait… XD). In her mind, she prays that her brother give her strength. Zero remarks that it is Britannia who is wrong. He states that the Emperor believes that strength is the absolute value. He asks if she agrees with that. When Nunally is unable to get a proper reply, Zero tells her that she is only being used. She then asks if he is saying that she would gain sympathy because she can’t walk or see? She says that it isn’t that, rather it’s what she wanted. This startles Lelouch.

Outside, one of the Knights of the Black Order Senba, asks where Zero is, and is told that they can’t contact him because of the ECCM. While Senba and Todo are discussing the ship and how it’s about to crash, Senba is attacked and annihilated by Gino.

Back inside the Garden, Zero asks Nunally what she means by the whole “I wished for it” thing. Nunally replies that she believes she can change the world into a peaceful place in a gentler way, and states that that is why she will carry on Euphie’s will and reestablish the Specially administered Zone of Nippon. Baffled at this, lelouch just repeats what he’s heard. Nunally asks Zero to join her as well and extends her hand, similar to the way Euphie did some time ago. Lelouch is taken a back, and moves a step backwards in surprise and shock. Nunally states that people can change.

Meanwhile, outside, Suzaku is firing up the Lancelot for takeoff, and wondering about why Zero is after Nunally. He says that there hasn’t been any report by The Information Department, and he wonders if his enemy is Zero or Lelouch. After confirming a bunch of technical checks, the “Lancelot Conquista” launches.

Karen sees Suzaku and the Lancelot approach and blocks a fired blast with her shield. Suzaku says to himself out aloud that he has to save Nunally, and that he won’t ask for forgiveness (Blah Blah… This whole forgiveness thing is so “last episode”). He readies a second blast with a new launcher, and fires. Karen tries to block, but her shield and arm are shattered, and she is sent flying off the ship, towards the ocean below. She is told to use the eject by one of her comrades, but the eject is stuck and she can’t get out.

The end seems near for Karen, and she apologizes to the Gurren (her Knightmare), her mother and her brother. All hope is not lost however, as the screen in front of her turns on to reveal Lakshata, who says that Karen is in the best position. They use a new technology that allues the Gurren MK II to float and glide in the air, similar to how the other Knightmares of the Knights of the Rounds can. Ontop of that, Karen’s Knightmare gets a brand new spanking arm to go with it, and she zooms off to save Lelouch, as C.C prays for Karen to be successful.

As Gino and Suzaku are preparing to finish off the remaining Knights, Gino is caught aback by the return of the Gurren MK II and the fact that it’s flying as well. Using her new arm’s blaster, she takes out Gilford’s battalion and Gilford is forced to eject, while being shocked at how powerful and long ranged her new arm’s blasts are. Gino tells Suzaku to go for the Governer-General, while Suzaku warns Gino to be careful, as that pilot took down “Lord Jeremiah”. Gino replies by an amused: “That Orange kun?” statement. (I’m sure Jeremiah is howling in rage somewhere… XD)

The fight ensues, and Karen takes on both Anya and Gino at the same time.Gino is impressed by how skillfully Karen dodges their attacks, and asks on how “she’s now as skilled as a Knight of the Rounds”. As Anya is about to shoot at Karen, Karen jumps ontop of her Knightmare, and dodges both Anya and Gino’s attacks. She then fires off ANOTHER type of blast from her new arm, creating a wide ranged blast that paralyzes both opposing Knightmares. Loyd and his assistant are taken aback by the new powers of the Gurren Mk II. Anya asks what “is up” with this new Knightmare, and Gino says that it’s not the Knightmare, but the pilot.

Suzaku witnesses this scene and wonders why Karen came back under these circumstances, and then it hits him. Zero is onboard the ship! Screaming for Suzaku to get out of her way, she fires a barrage of missiles at him, which essential prevent him from moving. He tries to fire at her but she easily dodges and heads straight from him, grabbing her with Knightmare’s hand. Suzaku’s screen flashes with Loyd’s assistant on the other end, telling him of Nunally’s location. Dodging a grapple wire attack from Karen, Suzaku races to the ship, using his Coalminas Cone attack.

Back in the ship, Lelouch is faced with a paradox of sorts. He can’t reveal Zero’s identity and he can’t take Nunally by force (since he doesn’t want to bend her will). His thoughts are interrupted by the Lancelot bursting in through the roof. Lelouch turns towards the Lancelot and shouts Suzaku, and then runs towards Nunally, saying that she’ll escape with him. As Lelouch nears his sister, Suzaku screams Nunally’s name, and Nunally Suzaku’s. Shocked, Lelouch loses his balance, and is send flying by the air current that’s been produced thanks to Lancelot’s earlier entrance. As Lelouch drifts into the air, he is in pain. He says that “No, He was the one who sold me out to the emporer.” The Lancelot grabs, Nunally, and Suzaku comforts her, asking if she was scared and apologizes, saying it’s okay now. He takes Nunally and flies off. Lelouch is sent flying out of the ship as it explodes, into the arms of Karen’s Knightmare.

A scream echoes the skies: “NUNALLY!!!!!” Nunally turns her head, started by the familiar voice.

The episode ends.

Opinions/Rant: (A)

Okay… seriously, this was one friggin amazing episode. Code Geass R2 continues the trend of each new episode totally blowing away its viewers away (unless you’re one of those odd people who spoil the story for yourselves before the episode even airs). This episode had a good dose of everything, from action, to story, to Lelouch’s awesome battle tactics to impressive dialogue, it had it all.

Karen was the real star of the action scenes. I take back my earlier comments about her being the “Fanservice girl”. Karen took on THREE Knights of the Rounds, and took them down! She’s the single greatest physical fighter at Lelouch’s disposal. The animation for the action scenes and everything else in general was top notch.

Now we’re reaching an interesting point in the series. Lelouch as a character would eventually have to face a reality where he fights for something other than his sister. With this new change, the preview shows Lelouch throwing away his Zero mask, and quite possibly the whole persona. Of course, we know that never really works out. Lelouch will be back, and hopefully with a stronger, less easily effected reason for leading the Knights of the Black Order.

The development about V.V and Charles/The Emperor being brothers was a nice little twist too. I’m sure there’ll be more on this, and the whole conflict with C.C much later, when Lelouch is through with his own issues with Nunally and Suzaku. The director DID say that the REAL story would begin near the end of Season 2. XD

Next episode should be interesting, as we’ll probably see a really confused and depressed Lelouch, something we haven’t seen for a good deal of a while. Here’s to next week!

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