The phone Call!

With Rollo done and dealt with, Lelouche has a brief meeting with C.C and Karen. Karen is curious about the Golden Mech that helped Lelouch and the Black order of the Knights and wants to know his identity. Lelouch replies that while he can’t exactly reveal his identity, he is indeed their supporter. At this C.C asks if Lelouch Geass’d him (Is Geass’d even a term? Ah well XD). To that Lelouch replies that there was no need to. As Lelouch is about to ask C.C about the Emperor, he is interrupted by Karen who is wondering why if he intends to keep the indentity of the pilot a secret from her as well.

Lelouch smartly replies with a question of his own, asking her if he can’t keep secrets every now and then. To Which Karen asks if he’s doing it as Lelouch or Zero. Lelouch’s teases Karen by saying that he hasn’t exactly defined their “Relationship” yet. To This Karen gets embarrased and tells him not to put it that way. Interrupting the rather digressed conversation, C.C remarks about Zero’s true identity and about who in the organization should know of it. Lelouch simply states that keeping that a secret would be good as well. Karen heads for the door, asking Lelouch if he wants Karen to still be captain of Zero’s personal unit, to which Lelouch conceeds and tells her that he’s counting on her.

The discussion on the Geass and the Emperor is left for later, as Zero has a more pressing matter to attend to. Zero appears before his recently rescued men. The applause is suddenly broken, when a member of the recently rescued Black Order of Knights states that while she’s grateful for the rescue, it doesn’t remove the fact that if Zero hadn’t betrayed them, they never would’ve been captured in the first place. Another said person agrees with her, telling Zero that he must have something to say. Ogi proceeds to ask what exactly happened.

Zero simply states that it was all to defeat Britania, to which a person asks: “Yes, and?”. To which Zero simply states that “that is all that there is to it”. The members of the Black Order of Knights are surprised, some enraged, and once voices his opinion, asking if that is all he has to say. Toudou, however, interrupts and quiets everyone down, stating that there are times when “battle plans must be kept secret”, and says that there is no one except Zero who can help them suceed. Ogi proceeds to follow suit, and the japanese rebels quickly side with Zero again.

The scene shifts to Ashford academy, where Suzaku has just re-transferred. As his name is announced in the class by Villeta, Lelouch and Suzaku eye each other, although not giving off even a hint of their feelings. They both reminiscent about the events of the past (mainly that of which happen in Season 1, where Suzuku showed just how NICE he can truly be, and how honourable he IS). Of course, those are Lelouch’s old memories, and not the ones that were re-written. What the Emperor wrote out was Lelouch’s memory of being Zero, a prince and of Nunally (his sister). Lelouch and Suzaku exchange pleasantries, both acting as if they’re old friends meeting after quite a while.

The proceeding discussion after class turns to be about Zero, and who he actually was. Suzaku declines to reveal Zero’s identity, as he really isn’t allowed to. After which, he is bitten by a cat (oh how… convenient!) and the topic shifts.

The scene shifts again, and drifts to the observation room of Villeta’s, where she they discuss Lelouch and the possibility of him having regained his memories and having become Zero again. As they conclude that Lelouch still hasn’t gotten his memories back, Suzaku interrupts, saying that he’d like to confirm it after a bit of investigating himself. Rollo asks if Suzuku doesn’t trust their research, but Suzuku dodges the question by saying that there’s still the issue of C.C.

Villeta informs Suzuku that the student council is hosting a welcome party for him, and he should use that as additional information for his investigation.

The scene shifts yet again, and we see Lelouch using his Geass on a teacher, tell him to overlook any abnormalities in him and Rollo. Rollo informs Lelouch of Suzaku, and asks him if he wants Suzaku killed. Lelouch replies that he doesn’t want Rollo to do that anymore, and that he is hurrying his plans for Rollo’s sake as well. He says that he will do it, that he will liberate Japan will attending school.

The next scene is a sort of training mission that the Knight of the rounds conduct with their soldiers. Suzaku. Suzaku tells Gino (The Knight of three) that he wanted him to bring the Lancelot, but Gino replies that it is coming next week, with Loyd. Anya, the pink haired girl is given a bit of spot light as well. She asks if it’s over, and then opens up a personal electronic diary and remarks on “how boring” it is.

Later, the party for Suzaku begins with a blast. Rollo and Lelouch are peeling potatoes, and Rollo is still unsure about what to do with Lelouch. As Lelouch charms him over yet again, Suzaku is seen watching in the doorway before he leaves. Rollo proceeds to tell Lelouch about the weakness of Geass, but before we are told exactly what it is (I’m guessing it’s the fact that Rollo can’t stop inanimate objects with his Geass) the scene shifts again!

Lelouch runs into C.C, who despite her situation is again at Ashford academy for “the World’s largest Pizza”. Lelouch quickly covers her with a paper bag and whisks her away. He asks her why she is here, and if she even understands her current situation. She replies that the “Emperor is after her, using him as bait”.

The scene shifts to a conversation between the Student Council president and Suzaku. She asks him if Loyd has said anything, to which Suzaku replies that he didn’t. She remarks that maybe he got tired of her, because she had to repeat a year and postpone their marriage. Suzaku says that that’s not the case, and that Loyd has quite a few faults as a human. At this point, Arthur/the cat steals the quill in Suzaku’s hands and runs off. Suzaku chases after him, and the Student Council Prez follows suit.

The plan for making the Pizza is picked up by none other than Gino, who’s visiting Suzaku’s welcoming party with Anya.

The Scene shifts to Lelouch and C.C, who are to discuss the Emperor and V.V when Shirley’s voice is suddenly heard and Lelouch pushes C.C into the truck containing the tomatoes (which they were standing on). As Lelouch reassures Shirley that he is alone, a green mole costume creeps over him and bites him. Inside the head is Karen!

Lelouch is shocked, and asks her why SHE is here as well. She says that she’s here to get the “Pizza girl” (C.C). Lelouch instructs her to get the Container on the truck and go, waiting for instructions from Ogi and Todou… but before being able to finish his sentence he’s pulled out by Shirley, who is angry at the person in the costume for being so rude, While Lelouch falls to the floor.

As Lelouch is about to say something about the person in the costume, Suzaku appears and asks him if he knows where Arthur (the cat) is. At the same time, C.C begins banging the container from the inside. As Suzaku wonders if the cat is inside, The container is taken by a Knightmare piloted by Gino. A chase inissues!

While lelouch is initially in the lead of the chase, eventually EVERYONE passes him, and Lelouch becomes short of breath while muttering about how this is not his genre. Meanwhile Arthur is running infront of the Knightmare, about to be crushed. Suzaku comes in between, leaps in and saves Arthur.

Meanwhile, as Gino is about to put the shaken tomatoes onto the Pizza Dough, Lelouch quickly uses his Geass on one of the students, which sets off a bunch of fire Extinguishers, creating a bunch of smoke, and allowing C.C to go by unnoticed. In the confusion, Villeta bumps into Karen, and her mask falls off.

Later, Lelouch, C.C and Karen are on the rooftop and he enquires about WHO saw either of them. Karen says that it was only the Swimming Club, and a teacher. She also says that the teacher was with Ogi at the last cultural festival. Lelouch is surprised, wondering if Ogi is keeping secrets from him. C.C says that he is too thickheaded for this kind of stuff, and whispers something in his ear.

Later, Rollo has Villeta at gun point in the observation HQ. She’s surprised that Rollo turned sides at which point Lelouch enters. He blackmails her about the Ogi incident, telling her that she was secretly communicating with the Black Order of Knights. He tells her to switch sides, and gives her a Bottle of Win, wishing her a happy Birthday.

The final scene shift happens. We’re at the end of the party, a dance. Xeng (the long haired dude from the Chinese Federation) is shown taken C.C and Karen in a car, and Lelouch thanks him, while asking him for another favor of contacting Chief Eunuch.

The Final scene shows Suzaku and Lelouch on a balcony, as Suzaku comes when Lelouch has just ended his phone call. He says that he has something to talk to Lelouch about. He tells him that he is considering being a Knight of One (the strongest Knight). A benefit of being the Knight of One is that he can then select an area for himself, and he wants to take Area 11 and convert it back to Japan. He states that he lost an irreplaceable woman and some great friends, and that he wants to become the strongest so he doesn’t lose anyone else. He says that the people no longer need Zero. Lelouch comments on how it is an Indirect Reign over the area. He asks if Suzaku is aiming to become a Protectorate. Suzaku says that he’ll let the new governor answer for him and hands Lelouch the phone.

On the phone, is Nunally, which shocks Lelouch beyond words, and the episode ends!

Opinion/Rant: (A)

Well well, First post about Code Geass R2. What can I say about this series? It’s just plain awesome. Each episode totally ups the ante of the series, and totally makes the previous episodes look like nothing. The direction Code Geass R2’s going in? well lets just say it’s going to be one of the best series in Anime history.

Now then, the introduction of Suzaku into the academy was very well done. I’m kinda annoyed at how idiotically C.C is behaving, especially in light of how much trouble it may cause Lelouch. Karen is, one again, nothing but the fanservice girl.

It also seemed a bit odd that Lelouch did not give some sort of speech in the beginning of the episode as Zero. Instead he just stood there, and let Todou and Ogi save his ass. That was just… weird and un-lelouch like.

Finally, this episode’s cliffhanger was perhaps the most shocking and awesome one yet. Suzaku is quickly showing how much of a bastard he can be, and we’ll see how Lelouch reacts to the latest trap Suzaku has set for him. Overall, awesome episode.

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