Summary Key Points:


  • The Guild Alliance takes on Oracion Seis, but are outsmarted and outmatched and taken down
  • As things looks grave, and the head of Oracion Seis, Brain is about to take them down, he sees Wendy and hesitates


Opinions: (A)

Holly wow… that was definitely not what I expected. This was indeed a very surprising, shocking and strong episode loaded with the right doses of comedy, action and plot twists.

So first of all, we are introduced to Oracion Seis properly this time around, and shortly after the Guild Alliance takes them on, mostly due to Natsu’s hot, brazen and impatient nature. It was downright surprising how easily the Guild Alliance was taken down. It was one-sided to the point of it being scary. A lot of it had to do with Oracion Seis being very good at team work, making up for each other’s mistaakes and weaknesses, and really not giving any of the Guild Alliance guys a chance or opening for attack.

While Oracion Seis was pretty unified, All Natsu and the rest were doing was rushing at them and attacking randomly. It was no wonder that they were all took down so easily. Erza herself, was trying to take on two Oracion Seis members, and these are guys who are strong enough to take out a guild each.

I may sound like a jerk, but I really enjoyed all of the good guys getting the snott beaten out of them. Its nice to see that Natsu and Erza aren’t unbelievably strong and actually are in a bit of a pinch (ITS A PINCH! XD). Another thing that happened, was each character took on an opponent that they weren’t suited for.

Erza is a warrior that thinks and uses strategy at every turn, so her taking on Cobra was  a bad idea. It makes more sense for Cobra and Natsu to fight, because Natsu is someone who doesn’t think as much before he acts. And we know they square off because of the OP.

The one interesting thing was that both Natsu and Brain (head of Oracion Seis) knew Wendy from somewhere, or had at least heard of her. I’m curious to see where they take the whole Wendy thing, because we also know that she’s related to Mystogan, so yeah.

Another interesting thing was Cobra’s reaction to what he found in Erza’s mind and her memories. It seems like he’s also one of the people who was a prisoner and forced to help construct the Heavenly Tower.

Lucy and the Host Club boys provided some good doses of comedy here and there as well, along with the weird Ichinomiya. All in all, a solid episode from Fairy Tail this week!


Wendy is taken away? Erza suffering and gets up? ZOMG NEXT WEEK PLZ! =O

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