Summary Key Points:


  • The gang (plus Mitarai-chan and the nurse) head to a onsen so that everyone can relax
  • Sasha’s lost his memory (And Katja’s got him believing that he’s actually a girl who got cursed by an evil witch and became a boy) and he’s acting like an elementary school kid
  • A mysterious (and frickkin HUGE) woman is introduced (Nikuma, Athos’s strongest tactician aka “Hell’s Dairy Cow”) who has come to inspect everyone
  • She tries to force Sasha to suck on everyone’s soma in a bid to get his memory back but ahem, his powers go a little out of control and…given that this particular onsen was rich in Iron….he kinda ends up flooding the whole onsen…


Can you say…filler ep much? Though I swear, nothing and I mean nothing beat seeing Sasha acting like a cute elementary school kid girl. ;askndpasd *tsundere sensors blow up to kingdom come!* So much fanservice and breast shots in one episode….It was a bit of a problem finding the right time to watch this episode I’ll say that.

Katja…you just….can I hug you for that joke you pulled over Sasha? PURE DAMN WIN! XD  Though he WILL kill you once he’s got his memories back….And all the breasts (or lack of) jokes at Mitarai’s expense were way too damn funny. Especially in the end when everyone’s breasts are jiggling thanks to the tremors and they’re crying out but when the shot comes to Mitarai….XD

The final scene where everyone’s out like a blown out candle and Sasha’s crying like a little baby (That he’s afraid of breasts. PHFT~.) was made of win too. Especially with Nikuma goes “Hmmm looks like it failed”

This episode I’m pretty sure was nothing but fan service but we should be back to the main story from next week.

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