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Current Series

Wolverine 01 [First Look]

Just like Ironman in some ways. Neat to look at for the most part but something was lacking in the story that Continue Reading Continue Reading

Puella Magi Madoka Magica 01 [First Look]

I had been expecting something majorly moe, something along the lines of Tokyo Mew Mew but I think I was totally wrong... Continue Reading

Gosick 01 [First Look]

Interesting. Very very interesting. Shoujo elements plus mystery and thriller with a dash of comedy. Continue Reading Continue Reading

Beelzebub 1 [First Look]

Alright!!! We have the first episode of one of the recently popular shounen manga turned anime... Continue Reading Continue Reading

Freezing 01 [First Look]

When we first saw the trailer for this show, we immediately got a Claymore-esque vibe, what with the heroic babes hacking and slashing away at each other... Continue Reading