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Current Series

Wandering Son 11 [Final]

In the finale of this wonderful show, we get a lot of closure - both in terms of plot and emotions - and learn that things aren't always as they appear. Continue Reading

Wandering Son 10

Even though they had to edit episodes 10 and 11 into one episode in order to finish the series on time before the spring season starts, you really couldn't tell. Continue Reading

Wandering Son 09

After what I thought was a week-long hiatus in light of the earthquake in Japan (apparently I was wrong; Wandering Son aired the day before... Continue Reading

Wandering Son 08

With the series about two-thirds of the way over, we begin to get down to the finer details of what makes our characters tick. In this episode, we have a bit of a time jump... Continue Reading

Wandering Son 07

Another lovely, well-rounded episode with a bit of changes both in appearance and in love interests for the characters. Continue Reading... Continue Reading

Wandering Son 06

As expected, this episode focuses a bit more on Makoto and his troubles than any of the other characters and that's something I'm totally okay with. Continue Reading

Wandering Son 05

After taking a week off, Wandering Son returns with yet another wonderful episode and gives us another peek into the inner workings of two... Continue Reading

Wandering Son 04

This episode wasn't quite as deep as last week's but it was still able to tug at my heartstrings with the small, almost innocent moments between the characters. Continue Reading

Wandering Son 03

Every week this show is like a trip down memory lane, reminding me of the time when I went through the same trials as the characters. Co... Continue Reading

Wandering Son 02

Again, Wandering Son addresses the issue of relationships between children as they hit puberty in a compelling and lovely way... Continu... Continue Reading