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Current Series

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 15

High score for the extremely heartwarming moment in the end of the episode. It did the heart good to see Sion relaxing like that and just suddenly unwinding and laughing at Ryner, Ferris and Milk’s ant... Continue Reading

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 05

Gadzooks, the plot thickens even further thanks to this Miran guy! Poor Sion’s really taken the heaviest burden for himself by becoming king and tossing the journey part onto Ryner’s head. I feel bad... Continue Reading

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 04

After the fast pace and head spinni-ness of last weeks ep, this is slow and peaceful in comparison and that is just fine by me. It was nice to see what Ryner was doing in prison and man he really IS an o... Continue Reading

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 03

Okay this just keeps getting better and better to me. First off, what was up with Ferris knocking out Iris before she could make out Lucile? You can’t tell me that she didn’t want Iris to see the hea... Continue Reading

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 02

Well well well that was interesting – interesting indeed! Seems like there’s a big ass plot afoot against Sion! Interesting comment by Brophs about Sion which makes me asks ‘When did Sion meet the ... Continue Reading