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Current Series

Sword Art Online II – 04

While I wouldn’t say this was the busiest episode, it was a necessity to get Kirito into the game and prepared for what is coming. Kind of surprising that they are going to go right into this tourn... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 03

It’s kind of amazing that only at the end of this episode has Kirito finally logged into GGO. That being a good thing since it has given a great chance for Sinon to stand out as a character and let... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 02

So this episode was basically the tales of Sinon. Probably not a bad idea to handle the second episode like this. We know all we need to know about Kirito, nothing new to gain there. But clearly Sinon is... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 01 [First Look]

And we’re back! Certainly a nice episode to help ease back into SAO while giving some information about what this new season is going to be about. There wasn’t much action in the game itself ... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II Coming in 2014

Sword Art Online II has been confirmed for this very year, by way of the Official Website. A Promotional Video (PV) and a key visual of sorts has also been released into the wild. Sword Art Online II wil... Continue Reading