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Current Series

Sword Art Online II – 14

I would say that this arc turned out to be pretty good. I’ll admit missing the tone and circumstance of the first arc. But, since the story is going to be more about the interactions with different vir... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 13

If I have to give props to anything in this show it’s the level of success it had in creeping me out in the second part of this episode. I mean that Shinkawa guy was legitimately disturbed. I mean,... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 12

This might be the episode of SAO II that I’ve enjoyed the most over the past few weeks. It did have a lot of chatting about tactics and Kirito’s killing intent sensor, but it was still enjoya... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 11

It is kind of amazing how long the focus has remained on this small desert cave XD. The big positive of the episode is that it ended with Kirito actually leaving it so we can expect things to actually ge... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 10

Well for me this episode was a bit of a mixed bag. I could see why they handled scenes the way they did. It was right for Kirito and Sinon to come clean to each other about their pasts and what was haunt... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 09

I’m reminded of last week’s Fairy Tail in the sense of when a scene of someone probably dying works really well and SAO as a case where it really doesn’t have the same impact. I’l... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 08

I’m not sure what stuck more with me after this episode. How SAO is just being cruel with the cliffhanger here or Kirito is getting way into the whole trap thing…Both had their impact on the ... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 07

There’s not much you can say aside from it being a slow episode. It was necessary to get some breathing room after last week. Kirito needed time to get his head on straight and it was a good chance... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 06

In some ways we got a very SAO episode here. Some seriousness with Kirito reliving some of the dark moments in SAO, but also a good amount of pure Kirito womanizing. I swear Asuna is going to kill that g... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online II – 05

If there was an episode that said “SAO is back” it was this one. This was very much a familiar kind of episode with Kirito just getting a chance to cut loose and really take part in this GGO ... Continue Reading