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Current Series

D.Gray-man Hallow – 07

It's kind of baffling how it took six whole episodes for D.Gray-man Hallow to actually find its footing and become a show that's actually worth watching. Is it too little too late? Oh yeah it is, but wha... Continue Reading

D.Gray-man Hallow – 06

Even when D.Gray-man Hallow feels like its improving, it stills winds up being a disappointment and a letdown. That may be some really harsh criticism for a show that's actually improving, but it does fe... Continue Reading

D.Gray-man Hallow – 05

Gosh. D.Gray-man Hallow, what a large amount of tonal dissonance you have. I mean seriously, what are you doing? No... Don't. D.Gray-man! STAWP! Err... Ahem. Its another week, and another episode of D.Gr... Continue Reading

D.Gray-man Hallow – 04

Well, this is turning out to be a darn shame. Every week I go into D.Gray-man Hallow with tempered expectations, and every week, I feel a little bit colder and sadder. There are these brief moments in ev... Continue Reading

D.Gray-man Hallow – 03

After watching the first three episodes of this series, I've come to a bit of a realization regarding D.Gray-man Hallow. D.Gray-man Hallow is an "okay" series. Its not great, its not terrible, and its ce... Continue Reading

D.Gray-man Hallow – 02

After a rocky start, you'd think D.Gray-man Hallow would really bring it with its second episode. The bad news though, is that that really wasn't the case this week. As much as I hate to say it, I'm seei... Continue Reading

91 Days – 01 [First Look]

There’s a special kind of magnetism to the prohibition-era gangster story, a paradoxical charm to the familial crime, the gentlemen murderers, the pressed suit jackets drenched in booze and blood. May... Continue Reading

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D.Gray-man Hallow – 01 [First Look]

That was some serious whiplash there, and in more ways than one. D.Gray-man is yet another beloved franchise that's making its long awaited return this season with D.Gray-man Hallow. Now... This second s... Continue Reading

Amanchu adaptation announced for Summer 2016

Rejoice lovers of the Aria anime and of Amano Kozue's art! The primary manga she has been working on since she finished up the marvelous Aria, by name of Amanchu, has been announced! Continue Reading

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