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Current Series

Megalo Box – 02

Well it seems like I spoke too soon. Megalo Box, despite having one of the best premiere and setup episodes in recent memory, was kind of a let down in it's second episode. Sometimes, what's even more tr... Continue Reading

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Megalo Box – 01 [First Look]

Now THAT... That is how you do a series premiere. I've often felt, even believed in, the considerable difficulty there is in judging an anime series based on its first episode. Fortunately, there are tho... Continue Reading

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Notaku Anime Chat – 03 – Sports Anime and Manga

This week’s Notaku Anime Chat is all about Sports Anime and Manga. Guardian Enzo is a sports fan, Setsuken is not. They both love Sports Anime and Manga. So… The duo talks about the really notabl... Continue Reading

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Hajime no Ippo Review

Among the many genre present in the anime landscape today, shounen hold particular esteem as being extremely popular and very mainstream. Titles like Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Naruto and Bleach have prop... Continue Reading

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