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Current Series

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 15

Kind of nice to get back to Spice and Wolf amidst all the first episodes for different shows airing everywhere. This one definitely has the vibes of Lawrence being at risk of stumbling into a troublesome... Continue Reading

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 14

The wonderful journey of Spice and Wolf continues into the summer! The start of an arc is at least a time when things are going just fine for the main cast. They’ve made it to their next destination an... Continue Reading

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 13

This was a pretty relaxed episode that helped let everything ease up a bit. The last few episodes were intense and honestly just jumping immediately into the next arc might not have felt quite right. The... Continue Reading

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 12

They made it through this crisis somehow. Lawrence especially took his hits and had the worst time out of anyone this arc. Nora was in danger and Holo had to face down a giant wolf, but he was the one th... Continue Reading

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 11

Things are just never easy. Lawrence and Holo had a good plan here, but some elements were thrown into the mix that leave them in bad situations. I would say Lawrence’s situation is far more dire since... Continue Reading

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 10

Here is where the tide begins to turn a little. Lawrence and Holo aren’t out of the woods yet, but they at least have a path to follow now. Things were looking hopeless when the main option they had to... Continue Reading

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 09

That sense of doom that lingered over the previous episode has finally had its form revealed. It’s a devastating situation for anyone, but especially for a merchant. Going bankrupt is truly one of the ... Continue Reading

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 08

Things are moving along nicely for Holo and Lawrence. There is of course no way things will be smooth sailing the whole way so it’s just a matter of time before they stumble into trouble. For the time ... Continue Reading

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 07

And so, the journey continues. It felt good to see Holo and Lawrence back on the road after how difficult things got in Pazzio. It obviously can never be truly smooth sailing, but it’s good to have the... Continue Reading

Spice and Wolf (2024) – 06

Lawrence and Holo got through a difficult trial this time around. Things got a bit too close for comfort and could have gone much worse than this. Honestly the episode was over before I knew it. They mos... Continue Reading