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Current Series

Highschool of the Dead Episode 6

So the 6th episode was the fanservice episode. There was a surprising lack of censorship in this, compared to the last episode where even groping was pretty much censored out. That said, once again, not ... Continue Reading

High school of the Dead Episode 05

Despite the fact that there weren't any recaps this episode, It still felt very short. I guess that's a testament to how well the episode is paced, since its over before you even know it. Of course, a go... Continue Reading

High school of the Dead Episode 3

It's only the third episode, but man, this series isn't pulling any punches! This was definitely the best episode yet (there's only been three of them so far anyway XD) and I have to say that a number of... Continue Reading

High School of the Dead Episode 2

I admit, my initial impression of High School of the Dead was more along the lines of: "Super powerful girls and weak guys, but from the looks of this episode, it only seems like there are less guys than... Continue Reading

High School of the Dead 01 [First Look]

High School of the Dead seems to be the first good series of the season. Now if only the main focus of the series was the awesomely cool Takashi... but alas, this is a girls beat zombies while having exc... Continue Reading