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Current Series

Free Gargantia Web Game from Production I.G & IE

Beyond just getting a second season, Gargantia is actually getting a free to play web game for both English speaking and Japanese speaking fans today. The game features a visual novel style adventure gam... Continue Reading

Blood C [First Impressions]

Blood C is the third series in the Blood franchise. A collaboration project between Production IG and Clamp, Blood C looked to be the most definitive verson of the franchise yet. With Clamp handling the ... Continue Reading

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New Tsubasa Chronichles and xxxHolic OVAs

Fans of Clamp’s highly successful mangas Tsubasa Reservior Chronichles and xxxHolic rejoice! For both will be getting new animated versions next year. Much akin to the Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations OVA... Continue Reading

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