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Current Series

Macross Frontier Review

If you’re a fan of the mecha genre, there are two names you’ve undoubtedly heard, Gundam and Macross/Robotech. While the Gundam franchise has been churning out series after series, Macross hasn’t h... Continue Reading

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Macross F Movie Coming

What is this latest trend of popular mecha series turning into movies? First there was Eureka 7, then Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and now Macross F. For those of you that can watch RAW anime (lucky bastar... Continue Reading

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Ranka Lee CD Single Release Date

It’s confirmed that Ranka Lee will have a debut CD single release, featuring two songs composed and produced by Kanno Youko. There’s no word on the song titles yet but the songs are supposedl... Continue Reading

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