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Current Series

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 24 (End)

Hrmmmm for a final episode...this sure as hell didn't feel like a final episode. Was it the open ending which makes me wonder if maybe talk of a season two is going on? Was it the lack of tying up of loo... Continue Reading

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 22

LIKE whoa. Need a minute to process this new information that was given to us. *rubs her head* This feels so much like Battlestar Galactica in some ways. JUST when you think “Okay it’s the humans are... Continue Reading

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 21

Holy fucking shit WUT?! The who did the what with the huh and the how and who and the HELLS GOING ON D: Who was that guy? Ryner’s father? He’s still alive? HOW? And WHO is he anyways? Nobility – fr... Continue Reading

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 20

Okay wow, that was quite the episode. Quite the awesome fight! I think my jaw fell off and rolled off into some corner of the room....Where do I start from!? Lets go from the start. Luke managing to actu... Continue Reading

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 19

Well here an episode that pretty much tossed my previously made conceptions about Tiia neatly out the window and into the garbage can. Just when you think that he’s nothing but a cold blooded monster, ... Continue Reading