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Current Series

Karakuri Circus – 26

I’m just glad to see that the people who came here on a rescue mission are finding their balance. Masaru and Lise are at least moving forward and doing what they can. Masaru seems royally done in terms... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 25

This episode did answer a lot of questions I had for Masaru’s side of things. I was curious how he was going to progress on this mission and what Lise was going to contribute to this. We even got some ... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 24

This was honestly one of the more enjoyable episodes in the last while. The music seemed to rise from the grave and worked well with the action scenes we got. That Narumi was using his head and fighting ... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 23

Well no surprise that we’re continuing on with the lesser fights started up last week. Not that George is a bad guy. I do respect the effort he put forward in this episode. And there was some entertain... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 22

The focus remains on the attack in the US and the mission to recover Harry. We got a decent showdown for Ming-Xia who ran into more troubles than she needed due to kind of being a straight forward idiot.... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 21

The story is taking off again now. It’s a bit more all over the place in terms of the action than I expected, but that’s fine. Things are moving forward and we are set for the next and last third of ... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 20

We are free from the flashback arc! At least until the next one. I’m not sure what they could possibly have a flashback about next, but hey I can’t discount the likelihood of more. It still feels as ... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 19

They did manage to change things up this week with the story mercifully moving forward once again. There may be a bit more of the flashbacks to come, but more or less the story has caught up with the pre... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 18

The latest big flashback arc continues and things are moving along. There’s no doubt the show is answering some questions. I still think it might have been a better move to tell this story in a chronol... Continue Reading

Karakuri Circus – 17

This is certainly a flashback arc. We are both gaining more answers and more questions as time passes. At least they are cutting between the past and present enough to keep the story focused. The introdu... Continue Reading