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Current Series

Hinako Note – 03

School begins at last for our girls, much to Kuina’s excitement and Hinako’s dismay. Not that either of those is surprising: Ku-chan is a bundle of energy who loves meeting new people and eat... Continue Reading

Hinako Note – 02

Episode 2 definitely feels like it’s slowed way down compared to the rush of introductions and quirkiness in episode 1. Hinako’s flashback dream takes up the first third or so of the episode,... Continue Reading

Hinako Note – 01 (First Look)

So, in this first episode a young teenage girl moves from the country to the big city. She has no real knowledge of customs or social norms in the city, is severely lacking in social and communications s... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Spring 2017 Preview

In some ways the past Winter Season worked out as I expected it to. It wasn’t a mindblowing season, but rather a bit mild with some rather strong shows mixed into it. It was more of the standard Winter... Continue Reading

Flower’s Spring 2017 Preview

The Winter 2017 season for me was very curious mix. There was a series in particular that was so … downright incredible and artistic it eclipsed most every other series airing in terms of “ob... Continue Reading