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High School of the Dead Review

High School of the Dead was the Summer 2010's answer to boredom, a God send in a drought of quality anime titles, and a hearkening back to the good old days of extreme gore and nudity that anime was famo... Continue Reading

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High school of the Dead episode 12 (END)

Despite the low grade, this was a decent episode. A decent episode yes, but it was also the last episode of the series, and because of that, it had a much larger role to fulfill than simply being decent... Continue Reading

High School of the Dead Episode 11

That was a decent episode. Not impressive, great or highly entertaining, but it was definitely interesting to say the least. The fanservice was almost non-existent this episode, which was surprising but ... Continue Reading

High School of the Dead Episode 10

The fanservice and the action took a back seat this week, as we dove more into the story and character side of things. This was a big character development episode for both Hirano and Takagi, who finally... Continue Reading

High School of the Dead Episode 9

WOAH!!! I have to say, this is the best HOTD episode yet. Its got Takashi x Saeko moments and Saeko fanservice but those are just the icing on top of what is a dark, shocking and very interesting episode... Continue Reading

High School of the Dead Episode 8

Another good episode, with tons of action, fanservice moments and comedic antics, a recipe for epic fun! I've been amazed lately, by how a lot anime blogs seem to be posting some really negative comments... Continue Reading

High School of the Dead Episode 7

The fanservice in this episode was really amped up to eleven. Poor Hirano, he say so much skin he's probably going to die of blood loss soon enough XD And man... you'd the girls would be embarrassed but ... Continue Reading

Highschool of the Dead Episode 6

So the 6th episode was the fanservice episode. There was a surprising lack of censorship in this, compared to the last episode where even groping was pretty much censored out. That said, once again, not ... Continue Reading

High school of the Dead Episode 05

Despite the fact that there weren't any recaps this episode, It still felt very short. I guess that's a testament to how well the episode is paced, since its over before you even know it. Of course, a go... Continue Reading

High school of the Dead Episode 04

It was kinda disappointing how most of this episode was a recap. We're only into the fourth episode and we start to get half episode recaps? I dunno, the whole idea didn't sit all that well with me. I'm ... Continue Reading