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Current Series

Hibike! Euphonium – 10

Well things blew up spectacularly as expected. Though perhaps the drama went a lot further than one would have thought. I expected the trumpet fangirl to be pissed at Kaori getting beaten by Reina. But, ... Continue Reading

Hibike! Euphonium – 09

Another good episode for this show. I don’t think it was as emotionally impactful as last week, but this was still really good. They jumped into the auditions and spent a lot of time building up to... Continue Reading

Hibike! Euphonium – 08

Now this was one fun episode. They used the big festival as a focus on the relationship side of things for the characters and also to push forward friendships. For weeks one thing I’ve been wanting... Continue Reading

Hibike! Euphonium – 07

This was another interesting episode. It had some hints of the upcoming trumpet issues that were expected, but it actually focused way more on Aoi and Haruka. It was a good chance to focus on the 3rd yea... Continue Reading

Hibike! Euphonium – 06

This was a good chance to focus on Hazuki a little as she hadn’t gotten much backstory. But at the same time the episode did a great job continuing its development of this large group. We get to le... Continue Reading

Hibike! Euphonium – 05

Another strong episode for this series. This show doesn’t rush itself, but rather paces things out nicely. We got an interesting mix with some comedy in the early portion before moving onto marchin... Continue Reading

Hibike! Euphonium – 04

This may be the episode that makes me feel that this group has finally reached the starting line. This group has finally started on their path to being a legitimately good group, though it hasn’t b... Continue Reading

Hibike! Euphonium – 03

This episode was definitely more interesting than the previous one to me, because now you are starting to get a feel for the group dynamics at play here and how things are pretty complicated for this gro... Continue Reading

Hibike! Euphonium – 02

So this second episode did a good job delving some more into the relationships that are currently existing within this band and that was a good thing. It also confirmed everyone’s instrument though... Continue Reading

Hibike! Euphonium – 01 [First Look]

It is really nice when you are looking forward to a show and it lives up to expectations. That is the case for me and Hibike! Euphonium. I was really hoping this show was going to turn out well. Full bia... Continue Reading