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Current Series

Fate/Apocrypha – 06

Well if anyone was missing the presence of Mordred, this episode definitely made up for it. While this episode wasn’t all about Mordered, it was a nice shift. We do get a good look at how things unfold... Continue Reading

Fate/Apocrypha – 05

I give congratulations to Sieg for finally getting a name. That is certainly the first step for him finally starting his life for real. So long as others identified him as “the homunculi” there was a... Continue Reading

Fate/Apocrypha – 04

I will give this episode a lot of credit for managing to straight up surprise me. Of course I expected to see the conflict between Spartacus and the servants of black. That was a given considering where ... Continue Reading

Fate/Apocrypha – 03

Well we’re finally getting some real clashes between servants on each side and next week looks to be escalating the conflict. Apparently it was quite the long trip for Spartacus to get to the enemy cas... Continue Reading

Fate/Apocrypha – 02

It is kind of interesting that despite so much focus in the OP/ED (mostly ED) being on Ruler that she still has had very little screen time in the first couple episodes. We only really had her appearance... Continue Reading

Fate/Apocrypha – 01 [First Look]

I have been looking forward to seeing what Fate/Apocrypha would end up being. This is basically a year of Fate with so many anime projects related to the franchise coming out. This may be the one I know ... Continue Reading