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Current Series

Fate/Extra Last Encore – 04

This episode had a lot of interesting elements to it. The show just continues to slowly drop information, but those pieces are pretty critical. This isn’t a show taking place in the modern era or even ... Continue Reading

Fate/Extra Last Encore – 03

Things are staying pretty interesting and fairly hard for me to predict. This episode introduced a lot of new elements to the picture along with giving Rin a chance to shine. I’ll give the show some cr... Continue Reading

Fate/Extra Last Encore – 02

It is an interesting feeling being able to relate to how the characters are feeling. I could truly share Saber’s confusion in what she and Hakuno found on the first level. A city in basically a festiva... Continue Reading

Fate/Extra Last Encore – 01 [First Look]

I really should have expected nothing less from what Shaft would do with a Fate series property. Back when this show was announced along with the studio I thought we’d get something unusual and a bit w... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Winter 2018 Preview

While I wouldn’t say Fall 2017 was devoid of excitement….it was hardly my most anticipated season of the year either. Fall has often had some really strong shows, but sometimes it does fall a bit fla... Continue Reading