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Current Series

BlazBlue – Alter Memory 01 [First Look]

Arc System work's fighting game is one of those games that are tailor made for being adapted into an anime. Its got a visual novel style story, anime style characters and even famous seiyuu like Tomokazu... Continue Reading

Kuroko no Basuke 2 – 01 [First Look]

Now that's how you do a sequel premier! The second season of Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko's Basketball) opened up with an episode that refreshed our memory on the key players, while introducing us to the new... Continue Reading

Hajime no Ippo: Rising 01 [First Look]

Its here! The long awaited return of Hajime no Ippo in anime form. There's a wealth of manga source material to cover and a good 24 episode run to cover it, so why then.. did the first episode of Rising ... Continue Reading

White Album 2 – 01 [First Look]

Sometimes being attached to a name can be a good thing. Be it games or anime having that brand name can get you attention and make you stand out. At the same time it can be an anchor that could sink you.... Continue Reading

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Log Horizon – 01 [First Look]

It is always hard to avoid comparisons when you are diving into a similar kind of story. Log Horizon is just going to be haunted by Sword Art Online even though .Hack pretty much did that kind of setting... Continue Reading

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Little Busters! ~Refrain~ 01 [First Look]

Its really easy to describe how it felt finishing the first episode of Little Busters! ~Refrain~. "What a darn tease!" The second season of Little Busters! (Little Busters! ~Refrain) is where all the pur... Continue Reading

Strike the Blood – 01 [First Look]

Well I’ll say this had a pretty solid first episode. The episode itself didn’t wow me, but the pieces that are there should be good enough to build a nice series on. The animation had a few h... Continue Reading

Kill la Kill 01 [First Look]

If there was ever a show that embodied the very notion of "Loud, extreme and over-the-top" its this season's offering from relatively new studio Trigger. Kill la Kill is a series that is just... bat-shit... Continue Reading

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Golden Time [First Look]

I’ll start out and say that I’m going into this season completely unsure what I’m going to be watching. So many anime have wrapped up with this past season that I’m pretty open as... Continue Reading

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Kyoukai no Kanata [First Look]

Sometimes not having any preconceived notions or expectations is a good thing. Going into the premier of Kyoto Animation's latest offering, I had literally no idea that this was a Kyoani show. In fact, m... Continue Reading