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Current Series

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju – 8

Due to a series of unexpected and slightly ridiculous events, I wound up handwriting this in the back of a car between bouts of motion sickness (#XtremeBlogging!), then quickly typing it up and posting i... Continue Reading

Legend of the Legendary Heroes 08

AWESOME episode! Best episode yet I dare so! I was on the edge of my seat all along! Give me more stuff like this and I’ll be calling this show the dark horse for the Summer 2010 season! Quite an episo... Continue Reading

Ookami-san 08

Well that was all sorts of cracky hell wasn’t it? XD I still cant get over the naming sense…soon to be head of the Nezumi household…CHUUTAROU Nezumi *cracks up allllll over again* and that hair oh ... Continue Reading

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Durarara!! 08

A bit of a weak episode compared to the rest. The entire episode is spent showing Celty and her conflicts with her head and being human. We learn where her head is too, and the answer was pretty obvious ... Continue Reading

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