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Current Series

D.Gray-man Anime Ending

It’s a sad day for D.Gray-man fans, as the latest episode, 102, has announced in it’s preview that the next episode (103) will be the last episode of the series. Confirming what a lot of peop... Continue Reading

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D Gray Man 83: Jasdevi, Enter

Better late than never! Jasdero and Devit has combined into a single body, a single Noah with the name of Jasdevi. Allen tries to attack Jasdevi, angrily asking how Jasdevi could dare to attack Krory. Ja... Continue Reading

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D.Gray-man Dropped By Shinsen, Picked up by Higure Subs

Ah yes, in the wake of the licensing by Funimation, D.Gray-man has been dropped by Shinsen subs. Shinsen were arguably the best, even if there weren’t the fastest. To the rescue is a new sub group ... Continue Reading

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Funimation licenses (RxJ, D.Grayman, Shigurui)

If you haven’t already heard by now, Funimation recently got three title licenses for itself. Namely, D.Gray-man, RomeoXJuliet and Shigurui… Well Romeo X Juliet was pretty expected, since Gon... Continue Reading

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D-Gray man 82 – Bad Game

Jasdevi fire their purple bomb on the group (Allen, Lenalee, Lavi, Krory and Chaoji) which places deceiving spectacles. They can’t see Jasdevi and on top of that, they’ve sneaked the key away... Continue Reading

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