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Current Series

Boku no Hero Academia S4 – 25 [Final]

That’s another season in the books for this show. Naturally there is another season that will be coming, but that’s to be expected at this point. This episode ends off with a pretty rough outing for ... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S4 – 19

We are certainly getting into the school festival now. And the more we get into it the better I feel about it. They are continuing to cover some of the more tricky aspects to how society is developing in... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S4 – 18

It might be for the best for the remainder of this season to bring things back in to focus on the main cast. Getting back to the school setting is a chance to focus on a few more characters that were lef... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S4 – 14

There’s no doubt that the aftermath of this arc will be an important one to follow as we go along. It was an arc with ups and downs, but it is the consequences that have my attention most. As I was wor... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S4 – 13

Well this was definitely a climactic battle worthy of this series. Deku really got to go all out this time and was allowed to take over. There was no All Might to lean on and the other pros were honestly... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S4 – 12

I’ll certainly give Overhaul some credit. He’s definitely gone all in on becoming a monstrous last boss for this arc. He may not be the most interesting antagonist we’ve seen, but he’s definitely... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S4 – 09

Another absolutely intense episode from this franchise as this season really is hitting full stride now. You kind of figured that we’d see more focus on Kirishima since an earlier episode introduced wh... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S4 – 08

This is likely the best episode of the new Boku no Hero season thus far. It was a great chance to truly dive into the character of Suneater and see him shine. As an episode it really worked because I cou... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S4 – 07

The mission is on! The episode did at least get further than I would have expected. It wasn’t a lot further along, but at least they did get to the point where some action broke out at the end. So next... Continue Reading

Boku no Hero Academia S3 – 25 [Final]

That’s it for another season of Boku no Hero Academia. This was a good stopping point and allowed us to get a taste for what will be coming in Season 4. With this episode we got to meet the current top... Continue Reading