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Current Series

Plastic Memories – 13

Well, well, well - that was an excellent final episode. I feel it used the strengths the studio and staff of this series have shown to be able to exhibit while avoiding the weaknesses. Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – Review

Before the Spring 2015 season began I listed Show by Rock!! as one of the series I was curious about, and thought it may even turn out to be a sleeper hit for me. Well, I am happy to say that I was spot ... Continue Reading

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Plastic Memories – 12

Okay, now this is a bit more of what I have been hoping for from Plastic Memories from the get-go. It definitely looks like the recent episodes of the series are going to tie the series up in a good way,... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 12

Well, the final episode of Show by Rock!! was very predictable, but was still enjoyable to watch nonetheless. In many ways we had known a finale like this was coming down the pike from the moments we fou... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 11

Well, I certainly did not expect a jellyfish! I had guessed perhaps a tadpole or the like, but in retrospect when they showed Dagger approaching the members of Criticrista to turn them all into dark mons... Continue Reading

Plastic Memories – 11

Okay, let's be frank - I totally buy slice-of-life, romance'y portrayals with a light touch such as this week's episode of Plastic Memories offered us, and probably much more than your average anime view... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 10

I must admit that I am one of the absolute worst people in the world when it comes to guessing where a series' story will be headed - lots of ideas but almost uniformly and consistently incorrect. Continue Reading

Plastic Memories – 10

Well, first and foremost I thought this episode was very well done. Which is frustrating (to sound like a grumpy old man beating a dead horse), because it shows that the series can do a good job in terms... Continue Reading

Show by Rock!! – 09

Just ... wow. It is rare that I am correct when I guess where a series is heading regarding it's storyline, but it seems the stars must have been aligned in my favor for a few minutes last week. Continue Reading

Plastic Memories – 09

This series certainly has a knack of leaving me with a mix of complicated feelings at times, especially because at times it seems skilled and able to handle it's material with a deft touch and at other t... Continue Reading