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Current Series

Alice to Zouroku – 02

See now, that was just a very heartwarming episode, but it has been kind of surprising (and even a little frustrating) to see a fair number of contemporary viewers reacting to episode 02 of Alice to Zour... Continue Reading

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Alice to Zouroku – 01 (First Look)

Coming into the new Spring season it is a delight to have the chance to compile a first look post on one of my most anticipated series of the season proper. My familiarity with Alice to Zouroku is initia... Continue Reading

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FlareKnight’s Spring 2017 Preview

In some ways the past Winter Season worked out as I expected it to. It wasn’t a mindblowing season, but rather a bit mild with some rather strong shows mixed into it. It was more of the standard Winter... Continue Reading

Flower’s Spring 2017 Preview

The Winter 2017 season for me was very curious mix. There was a series in particular that was so … downright incredible and artistic it eclipsed most every other series airing in terms of “ob... Continue Reading