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Current Series

FlareKnight’s Top Ten Anime Series of 2018

It’s hard to believe, but another year has passed. We’ve seen some downright excellent seasons of anime and some that were a bit leaner in terms of quality. On top of that there have been some excell... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Fall 2018 Preview

I’ve got to say this season has quite a lot going for it. It’s a lot easier to get excited about this season in comparison to Summer which was a bit more lean in terms of exciting series. Now it isn... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Summer 2018 Preview

This is going to be an interesting preview for me. There are seasons where I’m a bit unsure how things are going to play out and then there is Summer 2018. The past few years I think the summer anime s... Continue Reading

Check Out – Comic Girls

I have to say that Comic Girls might be the show that’s surprised me the most this season. There are a lot of good shows I expected/hoped would turn out as they have. But this show wasn’t really on t... Continue Reading

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FlareKnight’s Spring 2018 Preview

As a whole I would say the Winter season has been really strong. I went into it hoping to be impressed and haven’t been disappointed. The quality of shows for me have been up there which made it diffic... Continue Reading

Setsuken’s Top 10 Anime Series of 2017

By this point, most people have come out with their Top 10 lists for the previous year, and the one thing I've noticed in all of them, is that the gamut is a lot more wide spread than in previous years. ... Continue Reading

Welcome to the Ballroom – 2017’s best Anime Series

There was, however, one series, that eclipsed all the disappointments of the year for me. That show, the best show of 2017, in my humble opinion, was Welcome to the Ballroom. Welcome to the ballroom was ... Continue Reading

FlareKnight’s Top Ten Anime Series of 2017

With 2018 ahead of us, this seems like a good time to look back on 2017. In what is appearing to be a pattern the Winter season really was the highlight of the year for me. Out of the whole year it was t... Continue Reading

Flower’s Top Ten Series of 2017

And yet again we have come to that time where we look over the past year’s offerings and compile a list of what I felt were my favorite series that aired. Perhaps doing so could be the beginning fo... Continue Reading

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FlareKnight’s Winter 2018 Preview

While I wouldn’t say Fall 2017 was devoid of excitement….it was hardly my most anticipated season of the year either. Fall has often had some really strong shows, but sometimes it does fall a bit fla... Continue Reading