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Current Series

Zetsuen no Tempest 04

So this time we get to dive into the past of Yoshino and Mahiro. Certainly this is not the average way to create a long-lasting friendship. Fate and teachers being lazy played the biggest part in bringin... Continue Reading

Zetsuen no Tempest 03

Well this episode really was partly about the battle against Natsumura and partly just for exposition. The guy is living up to the reputation of being a tough opponent. Yoshino and the rest of us getting... Continue Reading

Zetsuen no Tempest 02

Well it certainly seems like things won’t be pleasant if Kusaribe clan isn’t stopped soon. As terrible as the scene in this one town is, the fact that multiple cities have been hit like this ... Continue Reading

Zetsuen no Tempest 01 [First Look]

It took me a while to decide what I really wanted to go with for this Fall Season. Wait five minutes and I might end up changing my mind once again. Still this series stood out for me from the first epis... Continue Reading