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Current Series

Sword Art Online 15

Somehow I think it was a good idea to skip the new OP/ED until after I watched this episode. It certainly answered my question as to what the heck this show is going to focus on. Funny enough they pretty... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 14

This was one of those episodes that leaves you a bit dumbstruck afterwards. A lot of shocking revelations, one after another just leaves you a bit lost for words. I can honestly say I did not see any of ... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 13

Well like I thought they ended back at the front lines. Since I wasn’t keeping track of the dates didn’t realize their ‘honeymoon’ had only lasted a couple weeks. At the start I w... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 12

Well that was an episode that had me rather nervous for a while there. I really thought we had another Sachi incident on our hands near the end there. That girl steps up and saves the day only to be kill... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 11

So last episode we have Kirito and Asuna in the same bed and now there’s a kid XD. But really I was surprised by the appearance of this Yui girl. The OP made clear that she existed, but I wouldn... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 10

I’ve got to give SAO credit. After last week I didn’t think it was possible for this upcoming episode to be anything but average in comparison. Yet I have to say this week was pretty amazing ... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 09

Holy crap that was a battle worth waiting for. I figured from the OP that the battle against ‘The Gleam Eyes’ was going to be something epic, but Sword Art Online managed to surpass my expect... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 08

This definitely feels like an episode where the story really took off. Starting it off with a reminder of how long they’ve been in this world and Kirito wondering what the creator was thinking make... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 07

Another busy episode for Sword Art Online with the introduction of Lizbeth. This time get to meet the smith friend that Asuna mentioned during that mini-arc. A pretty fiery character that really wore her... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 06

So the murder mystery wrapped up this week and definitely had a few more twists to it than I expected. At least this episode proved to me that some people can be really screwed up while others can surpri... Continue Reading