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Current Series

Sword Art Online 25 [Final]

This was definitely a great way to say farewell to Sword Art Online. Just a good final episode for the series that ties up loose ends and shows just where all these characters are after going through tha... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 24

There is nothing more satisfying than a pathetic villain getting his just desserts. Sugou was a horrible piece of work and deserved every bit of suffering that he endured in this episode. I mean they did... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 23

Well this episode did a solid job resolving some of the issues of last time. It resolved them about as much as can be expected based on long existing issues and broken hearts. In some ways they just kind... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 22

Well this went about as badly as I expected it to. They’ve been setting up this huge blow-up for Kirito and Suguha for this entire second half of the series. First they start hitting her hard with ... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 21

Well we had just about everything from a non-battle episode. Story moving ahead for Asuna and the Kirito/Leafa duo. It was good to see Asuna getting around and taking action in this episode. Of course in... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 20

Now, that’s what I’m talking about. One heck of a fight in this episode. Sword Art Online really picking up steam now. The action in this episode was top notch and some good laughs as well wa... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 19

Now this episode really brought the action and gave me real hope for how epic the rest of this series should be. I mean wow, Kirito was just laying into those guys and that was even before they had him u... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 18

While normally I’d be happy that someone like Suguha has another option when things eventually don’t work out with Kirito…not really happening here. I mean no offence to Recon, but kind of feel... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 17

Well at least if anyone was hoping for higher stakes than just saving Asuna this episode gave it to us. Sugou really is a pretty evil piece of work. Kayaba might have been a lunatic, but this guy isnR... Continue Reading

Sword Art Online 16

Ah, the relief of finally being back in the game world. One episode of RL was more than enough for this series XD. But really, it’s good to have Kirito back in the game and on a mission. He’s got to ... Continue Reading