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Current Series

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – 05

Well not too much surprised me in this episode since I somewhat expected a lot of this to happen. At the same time it was still done pretty well and the ending was a bit surprising in how everything work... Continue Reading

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – 04

Makes you wonder how long the pirate situation is going to last here. While they certainly caught up with Aladdin and the Pirates pretty quickly it seems like this could take a while just because of the ... Continue Reading

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – 03

Man with friends like these who needs enemies? I suppose a bit of teasing between friends isn’t a big deal, but damn they just slaughtered Alibaba there. Nothing worse than hearing criticisms of yo... Continue Reading

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – 02

This was really a nice second episode for the new season. I liked how it just focused on everyone figuring out what they needed to be doing right now and just fleshing out the relationships between the c... Continue Reading

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – 01 [First Look]

If there’s a comfort to be found in a second season it is that you have a good grasp of the characters and can just carry on from where you left off. That’s pretty well the case with Magi sin... Continue Reading