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Current Series

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 34

It wasn’t a bad move to go back to the idea of Mashiro’s dreams and focusing in on the picture books side of things. She really did start getting into it after the previous episode and even has a sma... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 33

It was probably time for an actual group finisher in this show and one that included the newly added Cure Majesty. I was expecting Majesty to maybe have her own finishing move for a while, but instead th... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 32

With this episode we got a true debut for Cure Majesty. I think the focus last week was fairly directed to Skearhead since he was easily the best antagonist we’ve gotten in the show so far. That does r... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 31

It feels as if it’s been a while since I said “wow this Precure episode was great.” The Minoton era has honestly been the low point of the series. So, nothing made me happier than both the main vil... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 30

Obviously, the show needed to fit in a beach episode. Kind of nice that they did time it for Summer. There wasn’t that much to this episode, but it did involve teaching Sora to swim. That probably won... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 29

While the show is definitely killing time until the next major plot event arrives, this was easily the best episode we’ve gotten in a few weeks! It probably helped a lot that this was a Sora focused ep... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 28

This was a decent episode. Honestly, after the last one this feels like a remarkable episode! It only really fulfilled the objective of developing Ageha’s background a bit more. I would not say that Ag... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 27

We are reaching a point in the Precure season where everything just grinds to a halt. Which is weird since honestly instead of episodes like these the show could do something like...develop the villains ... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 26

This was an interesting episode in a few ways. It tried to split the focus a bit between Mashiro and Tsubasa. Though I’d also say it was somewhat an episode just to pad things out a bit. They aren’t ... Continue Reading

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 25

I’ll admit to not expecting a new enemy to show up right now. Since Battamonda wasn’t finished off I mostly expected him to just show up ready to get his revenge again. But a new enemy does help set ... Continue Reading