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Current Series

Children of the Whales – 12 [Final]

I’m just going to straight up give props to Ouni here. Going into this episode I was pretty worried things would just get bothersome. The stupid attempt to start a civil war had my eyes rolling and gla... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 11

This episode was an interesting mix of things I hoped to see and things I didn’t. The information about their lifespans was worth gaining. This wasn’t something completely out of left field and I thi... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 10

This was a bit of an odd episode. That is probably the best way to describe it. Quite a few things did happen and the story was pushed forward to be sure. But there was just a lot of strange aspects to i... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 09

Well that definitely moved things forward. Not too many things in this episode were surprises, but there were some. I didn’t expect Chakuro and Lykos to have something that interesting be offered to th... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 08

Well this was another pretty bloody episode. They aren’t hiding the fact that a massive conflict would without a doubt result in a lot of casualties. It does keep the threat level up that they are stil... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 07

And so the battle begins. No doubt there is going to be a pretty substantial body count by the end of this fight. The amount of grieving required for the inhabitants of the Mud Whale will be substantial.... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 06

I do kind of wish these Elders would sit down and be quiet if they don’t have anything constructive to offer. Frankly trying to kill everyone on the Mud Whale should have been enough to warrant them be... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 05

So they managed to avoid one massacre so they can prepare to try to avoid another one. I love how even the seemingly more rational members of that group of elders were still considering their actions to ... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 04

Wow, just when I thought those old people couldn’t frustrate me any further…they find a way. They better just throw these people into the freaking sand ocean! Their brilliant plan to deal with an arm... Continue Reading

Children of the Whales – 03

Well that was a pretty busy episode. With how the last episode ended of course it was a given that this episode would be intense. If this episode did anything, it made sure to send a heavy message to the... Continue Reading