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Current Series

Chihayafuru 04

Now that we know about Arata moving back to Fukui and Taichi transferring schools, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. Sure, Chihaya would continue playing karuta in order to see Arata in the tournam... Continue Reading

Chihayafuru 03

After last week's fiasco with Taichi stealing Arata's glasses in order to win the school-wide karuta tournament, I wasn't sure if they would really become friends. Surprisingly, it seems like they did, ... Continue Reading

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Chihayafuru 02

I wasn't terribly surprised to find that this episode would be one major flashback to when Chihaya and her friends were still in elementary school, but I wish we could have seen more of them in the prese... Continue Reading

Chihayafuru 01 [First Look]

So what exactly is Chihayafuru? Well, it's about a high school freshman Chihaya Ayase who, in the hopes of reuniting with her childhood friend Arata, decides to create a karuta club. Initially, Chihaya... Continue Reading