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Current Series

New Fairy Tail Anime Project Coming

With the second Fairy Tail series having ended this past Friday (March 25th 2016), fans are obviously concerned about the future of the franchise in animated form. In a move that's exceedingly rare in th... Continue Reading

Free Gargantia Web Game from Production I.G & IE

Beyond just getting a second season, Gargantia is actually getting a free to play web game for both English speaking and Japanese speaking fans today. The game features a visual novel style adventure gam... Continue Reading

Happy Holidays!

Once again, its been another year here at Anime Evo! We're glad to have you keep visiting our site and wish you a very happy Holiday season. Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it! And to everyone... Continue Reading

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Code Geass Movie, OVA announced, Trailer for Season 3

Code Geass is a big franchise, so big, in fact, that its getting a new OVA series, a movie and a standalone OVA focused on series protagonist Lelouch's sister, Nunally. There's a ton of big announcements... Continue Reading

Happy New Year!

  Wow, that sure crept on us fast! As you all enjoy the new years with tons of parties, friends and new year’s resolutions, we here at Anime Evo too wish you a very Happy New Year! As we dive ... Continue Reading

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Merry X-Mas & Happy Holidays!

From everyone here at Anime Evo, we'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! For those of you that don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays! Have a great break, watch lots of anime, have tons of a... Continue Reading

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SkipBeat!’s Nakamura-Sensei to Draw Fan-Submitted Idea

If you’re a SkipBeat! fan, this is news that will certainly interest you! Put your thinking caps on fellow fans and think of a great ‘dream situation’ that you’d love to see Nakamura-sensei draw ... Continue Reading

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Madhouse Director Satoshi Kon passes away

It is with great sadness that we report that Madhouse Director Satoshi Kon... Continue Reading Continue Reading

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KyoAni Original Project Initiative

Popular Japanase Animation studio Kyoto Animation has launched a new website for their KyoAni Original Project Initiative. This initiative serves as a way for the studio’s creators to develop their... Continue Reading

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Random Curiosity Anime Blog Ending

I dunno if many people here know of Anime Blogs, or what the general scene is there, but something quite monumental has happened lately. An Anime Blog called Random Curiosity is closing down! Continue Reading

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