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This was an exceedingly cute first episode and I’m convinced that this summer season is going to be amazing to follow. The background regarding this show made it one I was curious to check out and the first episode lived up to the hype. It’s certainly a sad thing that the source material’s creator Cocoa Fujiwara passed away back in 2015 so this story was never completed. That this adaptation will be trying to give that story some closure is a great reason to keep an eye on it. Another reason is simply that the show looks to be really good! I’m already loving both our leads after spending a handful of minutes with them.

So cute she broke his glasses!

The only tricky element for the show is that it will be only 12 minutes per week. That can absolutely work and I’m sure part of the reason was to allow the flow of the manga to adapt as well as possible. I just hope they can tell the story in the best way possible. If nothing else I’m sure they did plan out the episode length and the episode count to safely adapt the story as best they can. We’ll just have to see how things go and where the story goes. It starts off strong, but there’s plenty of questions of how life is going to play out for either side. This is a Romeo and Juliet situation where the stakes could get pretty high the longer the Lieutenant fails to take down his opponent.

I will end this scam artist!

Our magical girl has quite a situation. The tone and atmosphere have plenty of classic magical girl elements. The transformation was beautiful and was all in with the magic. There’s been plenty of magitech style magical girl series as of late, but this just had the feel of being all about grace and beauty. No complaints there.

But her actual situation definitely has some Madoka vibes to it. That makes some sense since this was written between 2013 and 2015 while the Madoka anime aired back in 2011. Wouldn’t be the first to draw something from the tone established in that series. In this case it comes down to the magical familiar. This guy isn’t Kyubey levels of a scumbag, but he’s in that category. The slimeball working with or as part of the Yakuza to draw this girl into his sphere. He clearly needed her power and would do whatever it took to get it. I wanted to kick that piece of trash for every slap he gave to her! This poor girl is working multiple jobs, going hungry, and just having a rough go of it. She needs someone to be in her corner and support her!

She’s just too cute! He can’t take it!

For better or worse that someone is going to be our Lieutenant of Evil! While just giving her cake isn’t resulting in a balanced diet, he’s about the only one making sure she’s eating at all! Hopefully he did go and get her an absolute ton of rice! We can’t have a magical girl this sweet and cute starving to death! Thankfully he is extremely motivated to do so. I can’t blame the guy for instantly falling head over heels for this incredibly cute girl! Just look at her! And she’s so darn sweet that it makes a person want to make sure that she’ll be ok! Unlike everyone else taking advantage of her, this guy realizes how special she really is!

He is having a rough time of course. The Lieutenant is a hardworking man of evil! There was a lot hard work put in as he worked his way up the evil ladder and lived up to the hopes of his evil family! But it all got thrown into chaos and he’s struggling to comprehend it. I don’t think he’s consciously aware of being in love yet. But it’s absolutely entertaining watching him struggle against this. All his intentions to be evil thrown aside every time he thinks about her…and orders her more cakes! It may be traitorous to fall in love with an enemy…but she’s already stolen his heart!

Let the cute romance begin!

I probably won’t end up covering this one in part because this season is insanely packed. But I’m also unsure that with a 12-minute runtime that I’ll have quite enough to say about each episode. That might not be the case though. This was easier to write about than a lot of 24-minute episodes I’ve seen the past couple weeks. There is zero question though about whether I’ll be watching or not. This was a strong as heck first episode and has me rooting for these two. They do have hurdles of course. The Lieutenant has his whole evil side to worry about and they seem plenty evil. And the magical girl has scams and a creepy mascot keeping her loyal. They are clearly falling for each other (him incredibly fast), but will they be able to find a way out of this conflict? I’ll be watching to find out!

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