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Kind of nice to get back to Spice and Wolf amidst all the first episodes for different shows airing everywhere. This one definitely has the vibes of Lawrence being at risk of stumbling into a troublesome situation. Maybe he already has considering how he was running off like that by the end of this episode? For now though, I respect that he’s trying to look into things. Lawrence knows he made things a bit problematic with the chat they had in the previous episode. So, the most he can do right now is try to research and look into the location of Yoitsu as much as he can. The information that Holo has is limited and not enough for them to simply get there. But human history is an ally he can make use of. We’ll just have to see how things play out from here.

I don’t like this bear!

It was a clever solution to look into chroniclers. Humanity is good and bad at many things, but one thing we can do is record things. Understandable that Mark isn’t a fan of people that make a living writing things down when that doesn’t impact his life at all. But it is valuable and exactly what Lawrence needs right now. It isn’t great news to hear more stories about how Yoitsu was wrecked by this supernatural bear, but it is good to have an idea of where to go. It’s a legend so it happened quite some time ago. Considering the people Holo is looking for are supernatural wolves like herself they might still be alive and maybe even rebuilt the town. At the very least Yoitsu might still exist. It might simply be a smaller location these days or might have changed its name.

The only downside is doing all this research on his own. I get that he doesn’t want to create any more fires when he already pushed it a bit with even suggesting she could make the last leg of the journey alone. But it’s only asking for trouble to keep her out of the loop. After all, can he keep that hidden from her for the rest of the journey? If not then the longer he holds off the worst it’ll be. But I get it. People in general like to push off trouble for later.

Not often that Lawrence gets to be storyteller

While that Diana woman was a bit unusual, she did provide nice intel. Now Lawrence can further narrow down the area he needs to search. And he might be able to narrow it down even more the further North they go. Thankfully he did get pretty much everything he can out of Diana so honestly Lawrence shouldn’t need to separate from Holo going forward. It took a couple days, but he made the most of those days and limited the time Holo had to sit around. A good thing to limit since she clearly doesn’t want to be separated from him. In a sense one good thing gained from the previous arc is that it wasn’t that hard to get Holo to stay by herself a bit. She and he both learned that there are times where being together is counterproductive.

Could be more troublesome than he looks

One worry could be Amati. This guy is into Holo and giving him more time with her is probably not going to lessen his interest. Holo told a pretty good sob story. They did need to tell him something, but making it sound like Lawrence was a kind of shady guy might be problematic. The one good thing is that Lawrence is confident and has reason to be confident. His bond with Holo is good and it won’t be damaged by someone else having interest in her. That’s all truer with how locked into this town Amati is. He’s a really capable merchant, but Lawrence has the advantage here in that he can easily travel. It’s less of a problem for him to take Holo to the North than Amati that would have to be away from his business for months if not over a year to do the same.

She knows what she’s doing!

That poor kid at the end of this episode. Holo is an absolute tease! Lant is going to be another person utterly charmed by Holo by the end of this arc! She gladly gave the impression that he was showing up after she and Lawrence had been engaged in some…extracurricular activities! I do wonder what kind of message he had from Mark that would have Lawrence running out there like a maniac though! It can’t be anything to do with trade since Lawrence was just selling nails and it wasn’t a big deal. It might have something to do with Amati, but if then I’m not sure why Mark would be telling Lawrence about it.

Trouble might be on the way…

This was a good episode though and I can’t wait to see how things go from here. Lawrence hasn’t stumbled into trade related trouble. At most he maybe owes Amati some money since Holo accepted quite a few “gifts” from him. Things are honestly going well for Lawrence and I’m happy to see that. All he needs to do is probably smooth things over with Holo regarding her traveling alone to Yoitsu. And that should be easier now that he’s got a better grasp of the terrain in the north. Fingers crossed that it actually is that easy though.

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